Information teak wood furniture

Teak furniture are old, split yet very trendy. Where pine furniture a few years ago were still a hype, teak furniture now seem to be flocking to conquer the world. Everything can be made to measure for you. Without more price and no down payments!

Own handmade teak furniture

Our teak furniture are hand made and comes from our own teak factories. This handmade look gives the teak furniture a unique look.

Our teak furniture range consists mainly of teak dining tables, teak chairs, teak linen cabinets, teak corner cabinets, teak cabinets, teak buffetkasten, teak glass cabinets, teak kitchen cabinets, teak bookcases, teak dining tables and tv teak sideboard.

The teak wall cabinets, teak sideboard, teak dining tables, teak tv furniture, teak cabinets and teak bookcases are also in a modern implementation:: modern teak furniture. Our offer is great and cheap,and consists mainly of teak furniture, Here are a few more examples:teak dining table, teak tables, teak tables with drawers and without loading (restaurant table) and the teak dining tables that one can pulling out: the pullout teak table.

Teak Maintenance

teak cabinets, teak dining tables, teak chairs, and teak garden furniture often ask for good maintenance. In order to keep your teak wood, It is imperative that you will find a number of precautions. By teak furniture level has the construction less and it will be less likely to tear and/or teak wood warping.

In addition, it is important that your home has the right humidity, so that the shrink and dry out to a minimum. If you feel that your home has a low humidity,It is recommended to buy a hygrometer. With this device you can read off the humidity. Is this too low, You can increase this by, for example, trays of water to the heating to hang or by purchasing a humidifier. In addition, you can a water bowl to put in or under the furniture to prevent dehydration.

Treat your teak furniture regularly

Keep doors and drawers tightly closed so that the wood less can go to work. In addition to these precautions, It is advisable to the teak furniture once or twice per year with beeswax or teak furniture oil to treat. Put it in the wash/oil is an easy surface treatment that a good and durable structure. If the wood is dirty or damaged, You can teak furniture first light with fine steel wool sanding(Please note that you will never cross, but always in the grain direction scours). Apply the wax/oil with a cloth or soft brush on. Rub the wax/oil after 24 hours with a cloth or tights. Repeat until there is a good, even coat originated. Reduce the amount of oil with every next layer was/, but spent more time to Polish off.

Good and cheap teak furniture

By importing our own teak furniture (such as;teak dining tables, teak chairs, teak cabinets, teak furniture, teakmeubelen, teak images) We can offer the cheapest prices among the several teak providers. We supply various teak furniture specialist, horeca, businesses but also to individuals from our furniture showroom in Asten. We offer also other furniture naastgoedkope teak furniture in many types of. Please check out our cabinets, sofas, chairs, tables, sideboards.

Also have a look here: Wakefield XL teak furniture

Within our collection are various Teak furniture to find. The furniture are nature friendly produced in our own factory in Indonesia. The teak wood is selected on quality, appearance and color. Our cheap teak furniture consist of various models teak garden furniture, teak chairs, teak dining tables, and teak cabinets.

The sustainable trend in the furniture world. Recycled teak!

In a world of tight items people are still looking for an authentic look. At Wakefield to find XL,as one of the larger furniture stores you will find also at Wakefield XL the recycled teak. The so-called ' aged-look ' is one of the trends within the teak world. This look used wood that descended from old buildings and homes. This gives the wood an aged look as it were, because the wood is often more than a hundred years old. You will see this attractive addition already have in your home?

Teak dining tables, in all sizes to order!

Teak is a very suitable type of wood for tables and other furniture. Because Wakefield XL her own factories in Indonesia has,is ensured that your products are always in the right ways. This is very important because a good basis is always important. Good wood is strong, durable and is very long to use. The processing- and dry system of the edited wood goes at Wakefield XL in a professional manner which will make our products rarely cracks and/or splinter.

At Wakefield XL, you can also choose the size of your own table. Because we import from Indonesia itself, we offer a guaranteed low price. A large part of these tables has Wakefield XL in stock.

The aged look is generally with kopseplanken, This means that furniture on the short sides cross boards on the ends have.

The origin of teak

Teak has its South-East Asian origin with a worldwide reputation. The teak tree (Tectona grandis) is with her 40 metres veelin Southeast Asia to find. Since that there are large scale use of the teak wood are everywhere on the world different plantations occur. This then leads to differences in weight, hardness, color, etc. The teak furniture of Wakefield XL are all made in Java, Indonesia.

Especially the differences in color are important. Teak wood is found in all imaginable colours Brown, Sometimes it seems even though gold. The use of teak will arrange every time for a unique table. Also because the old planks all for different purposes served one sees well the previous function or ever even the repair pieces.

Teak also contains many natural oils; This adds to the sustainability. Another important aspect of teak wood which is very easy for furniture and teak garden furniture is that no corrosion or rust forms when it comes in contact with metal.

Not only the furniture industry uses teak,shipbuilding also makes frequent use of. The idea behind this is that teak is very suitable for different weather conditions. The furniture and garden furniture must still several years in your home or garden. Outdoor teak shipbuilding is also widely used in flooring, cutting art,sculpting etc.

For the aged teak furniture is recycled houtgebruikt, While for ' new teak ' plantation teak is used. This wood is sustainably harvested and bought in Indonesia.

All sizes, types and colors

Beyond the fact that Wakefield XL specializes in supplying teak dining tables can Wakefield XL also other types of furniture for let you create. At the lowest price of course.

Driftwood? Driftwood? Colonial?

Today you will hear different terms what the quest for the perfect furniture can vermoeilijken. For example, often called Driftwood or aged teak driftwood. Also, there is almost no difference between colonial furniture and teak furniture. Colonial is one of the first names for teak. In the beginning was also mostly teak dark and contained the lists. Today, nine out of ten white and sleek teak furniture. The only difference is so in the lacquer. Wakefield XL can be any suitable piece of furniture in the colonial color supply.

Ideal for maintenance and use

The aged teak dining tables are ideal in the use and maintenance, partly because the tables just become more beautiful by use. This type of tables has only a damp cloth and a little green SOAP needed for optimum natural look. In addition, the Green SOAP grease stains. You can also choose to use oil, Here the staff of Wakefield XL tell you all about.

Cheap furniture with good service, that is the hallmark of Wakefield XL. Feel free to walk within, the coffee is ready!

Indonesian Legal Wood

All wood products are imported from Indonesia by WiegersX which L feature the SVLK/V-Legal certificate, surpassing the last EUTR rules since March 2013 in force.

This all-new legislation replaces the Indonesian BRIK-system in a response to increasingly stringent anti-illegal timber legislation in the major markets, including the upcoming EU wood regulation. For compliance with this SVLK/V-Legal certificate are all containers before shipment carefully controlled by the public authority Sucofindo, on the legal origin of the timber products.

European regulation that prevents the use of illegally harvested timber.

The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) is a law that goes against the use of illegal timber. Starting from 1 March 2013 is anyone on the European market brings wood required to show from which (legal) source the timber is derived and that it has been cut down in accordance with the rules of the country of origin.

EUTR stands for European Timber Regulation. The European timber Regulation No 136/66/EEC. 995/2010 is from 3 March 2013 of strength and after reading through this link.

Purpose of the EUTR is to counter the trade in illegal timber. With the beginning of the European timber regulation it is prohibited to illegally extracted timber or timber products on the market in the European Union. When wood for the first on the European market, a due diligence system (due diligence system) to be applied. For documentation to be collected that the legality of the wood or wood product shows.

The organization that wood or wood products on the European market for the first time brings, becomes in the ' operator ' EUTR (economic operator) called. An operator is required to establish a due diligence procedure within the EUTR (due diligence system) to go through to be shown that the wood or wood product has a negligible risk of illegality. The following links in the chain that the wood of the operator buy (and so not itself for the first time on the European market), be ' trader ' (dealer) called. Traders are not required within the EUTR a due diligence procedure. However, traders do accounting of who bought the wood or wood product is and to whom the wood or wood product sold is. Within Netherlands enters the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA) checks on compliance with the EUTR.

Wood is legal when it cut down is in accordance with the applicable law of the country where the timber is cut down (the country of origin). On the other hand, illegal when the wood is cut down is contrary to the applicable law of the country where the timber is cut down (the country of origin).