Storage baskets with lids

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32 x 32 x 43 cm or 42 x 42 x 53 cm


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Rattan baskets at Wakefield XL!

Dimensions baskets: 32 x 32 x 43 cm or 42 x 42 x 53 cm

Baskets made of rattan are available in many different shapes and sizes. A rattan basket with lid, for example, is a type of basket that is very popular. You can use this for example perfect things. You simply connect the lid and you're losing your things. As a result, a wicker basket with lid widely used as toy basket or for storing textile. The baskets with lid that you can find on our website are guaranteed to be of the best quality. This makes our wicker storage baskets to a very popular product.

Own collection Wicker baskets

Most of the collection Wicker baskets comes from Indonesia by own import. These baskets are made of very strong material. The wicker storage baskets are of course available from stock. In addition, you can also order other Wicker baskets in our shop. The advantage is that all our products are handmade are made, making it down to the details of good put together his. These baskets are manufactured in Indonesia, where specialists all storage baskets by hand in each other braids. A time intensive process where expertise and quality for needed. Because all these rattan baskets with utmost precision put together are, We can guarantee the very best quality.

Models rattan baskets

There are several models in our webshop. So you can obtain high Wicker baskets or large Wicker baskets but also long rattan baskets. These baskets are available with and without text. Do you like cane? Then you can find with us much more Wicker accessories. This allows you to beautiful Wicker baskets, Wicker trays and wicker furniture in our shop buy. The advantage is that we generally all home accessories in stock, as a result, you have your favorite accessory quickly.

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32 x 32 x 43cm, 42 x 42 x 53 cm, Both