Mosaic Coffee Table


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The home decor of Wakefield XL determine your living atmosphere!

Features decorations:

  • Mosaic Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 40 cm
  • Article code: CTMOZ6060

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Home decor

Without home decor would be your House but bare and impersonal are. Furniture are, of course, the basis of a property, but home accessories make your House decorated and personal touch. There is a huge selection of home accessories and Wakefield XL populate it with regularity to following the latest trends. So there is not only very much choice, but you are also inspired in different living trends.

Benefits of home accessories

The advantage of determine the atmosphere in your home using home decor, is that you can change regularly from style. With stylish furniture, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to your property to provide a different living style. Think of wooden statues, scales or teak pillars. In winter use this combined with candles holders and a nice thick carpet. In the summer to use more light shades with plants, fresh decorative pillows and cheerful stools and side tables.

For on the wall you can think of photo frame, mirrors or coat racks. Of course, the necessary glassware, crockery and a tray not lacking. The room is more spacious by mirrors to hang and with a lot of decorative pillows get you off on the couch and you come and relax in your own perfect styled room.

Home decor by Wakefield XL

Wakefield XL stands for the best price, many in stock and all at the best service! That also applies to our home accessories. These are online via the site to order but you can also make the choice to them first on display at our showroom in Asten. After that, you can take your purchase directly. Come and see what beautiful decorations your own created living atmosphere will give a positive boost. The coffee is always ready!