Dining Table Royalty

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Dining table Royalty of MXsofa

The Ginolux table concept Royalty fits through the offer of 4 different legs, the many color possibilities, the different sizes and edge finish in almost any interior.

You can choose from:

  • Different models sheets with matching legs
  • Different dimensions
  • Different wood colors
  • Different colors edge finishes

In addition to those listed here external features the Ginolux concept offers a number of specific product Royalty- and quality advantages:

  • Top grade quality
  • Durable finish
  • Highly scratch- and wear resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Look of solid wood but has no wood working
  • Does not discolour
  • Impact resistant

Dining room tables

Or a dining table in the living room or in a kitchen: a dining room table offers in many households not only a place to eat but also to put together the day. It is a practical piece of furniture but also at the same time gives a cozy atmosphere at home.

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At Wakefield XL has a wide choices in dining tables. We have a lot of dining room tables in stock making them available quickly. Pick up should of course always also. Visit us in our showroom for all of our tables to admire and be inspired by our expert advice. The coffee is ready for you!

Additional information


Royalty 1 (8×8 cm), Royalty 2 (10×10 cm), Royalty 3 (Spin), Royalty 4 (Tapering)


240 x 100 cm, 220 x 100 cm, 190 x 90 cm, 160 x 90 cm, ø 150 cm, ø 140 cm, ø 130 cm, ø 120 cm, 250 x 128 cm, 220 x 120 cm, 220 x 110 cm


Glacier, Grey, Mountain, Mumbai, Pure Wood, Mocha, Old Teak, Orient, Sherrif, Natur, Silver

Edge finish

Black, Matching with the blade