Tv Cabinet Flair Small

Starting from: 399,00

Tv Cabinet Flair in the small version


A tv Cabinet of the programme Flair, the combination of rustic and modern!

This tv Cabinet Flair is made of the maintenance-free Lamulux material.

Carried out in a nice warm wood texture making it of course looks.

The color of this furniture Flair is Mumba.

Including softclose drawer Rails so that the tray easy and subtle connect.

Narrow version with 2 doors/1 la / 1 box

You can optionally choose for additional lighting

Dimensions: 60 x 130 x 50 cm

Furniture Flair

The residential program Flair consists of rural furniture feel warm by the color Mumbai. The wood pattern looks very natural and the stainless steel finishes, as the mount and the handles, give the furniture a modern character. The furniture Flair are scratch resistant which makes the life very long. The finish is also fine. Beautiful modern handles and soft-close drawer guides allowing the drawers easy close. You can optionally choose lighting that will make your piece of furniture gets extra attention.

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Lamulux furniture have the optics and feel convincingly as solid oak wood. It is not, however, a real wood, but cheaper! In addition to beautiful and price friendly Lamulux has a high value of scratch-, wear- and impact resistance. Lamulux is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Choose for great-value furniture, a long life and a great choice of? Then choose Lamulux furniture.

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A tv Cabinet for any interior

Also in terms of styles, we have something for everyone. If you are looking for a tight, modern TV cabinet, You can even let opaque gloss white spray. TV furniture made from Lamulux, Teak wood, Oak or Beech. Wakefield XL has the! Looking for a TV stand in a classic implementation? Or to a special size? Then feel free to drop in and ask for the possibilities. We work without down payments.

Clarity through structure.

By the sleek furnishings in a modern living room to put,see the Interior there structured from. All the important elements in the modern living room have their own fixed place. You will see your modern dining table if, for example, in Your tight finished kitchen? Or do you see Yourself already sitting in your new sleek sofa with stainless steel legs? The clean lines of a modern interior bring clarity and peace with it.

Come and have a look in our showroom

Because we ourselves maintain contacts with our suppliers and there are no expensive furniture shop on our furniture cheap, to 40% cheaper than the average living shop. We understand, however, that you want to see what you are buying. That is why we have an informal showroom where knowledgeable staff and the coffee on hand. Feel free to come along to here to view all models teak wood sideboards, you are welcome!


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Additional option: Lighting

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