Bread Cabinet Impress


Size: 87 x 197 x 46 cm

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WiegersXL GTIN: 7436917976900

Bread Cabinet Impress from the popular lamulux material

Narrow and high Lamulux bread Cabinet Impress

Color Silver Dolomite

With 1 close door and 1 tray

Choice of a left- or dextrorotatory door

Standard with handle 69

With luxury SoftClose so that door and drawer always quiet close


  • 87 cm wide
  • 197 cm high
  • 46 cm deep

Furniture Impress

The furniture of the residential program Impress have both a rural and modern appearance. The wood pattern in the colour Silver Dolomite and metal finishes give the furniture a contemporary character. In addition, the residential program many benefits. The residential program Impress is made from scratch- and wear-resistant material and is impact resistant. It is also easy to maintain and clean. Furniture Impress feel like solid wood but still it does not suffer from wood and it also not discolor. It is environment-friendly produced and user friendly finished. The furniture Impress work with Longlife door hinges and Softclose drawer guides allowing loading very quiet and close automatically.

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Lamulux furniture have the optics and feel convincingly as solid oak wood. It is not, however, a real wood, but cheaper! In addition to beautiful and price friendly Lamulux has a high value of scratch-, wear- and impact resistance. Lamulux is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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Clarity through structure.

By the sleek furnishings in a modern living room to put,see the Interior there structured from. All the important elements in the modern living room have their own fixed place. You will see your modern dining table if, for example, in Your tight finished kitchen? Or do you see Yourself already sitting in your new sleek sofa with stainless steel legs? The clean lines of a modern interior bring clarity and peace with it.

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