Lamulux meubelsets

    Lamulux furniture

    A robust wooden look, without the disadvantages of wood. Lamulux furniture is the solution if you find normal wood too fragile or too expensive.
    With this material you have the lusts but not the burdens of wood. It is a lot cheaper and more durable. Circles and scratches are a history with Lamulux: perfect for an interior with children or pets.
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    What is Lamulux?

    Never heard of Lamulux furniture before? That may be true, because it is a modern type of material. It's a bit similar to high quality laminate or PVC.
    Because Lamulux is a plastic and not a natural product, the material is a lot cheaper. Also, the material is less vulnerable. It looks and feels like solid wood but it's not wood. So you don't have to maintain Lamulux with a paint and there is no sanding either.
    A very maintenance-friendly material!

    The benefits of Lamulux furniture

    The benefits of Lamulux in a row:
    • Maintenance-free
    • Affordable prices
    • Sustainable
    • Different colours/designs available
    • Scratch-, wear- and bump-fast
    • Looks like solid wood
    • Child-friendly through rounded corners

    Various furniture from Lamulux

    The nice thing about Lamulux is the fact that you can decorate a complete living room. So you're looking for a new household goods. In the showroom of Wakefield XL is your new living room. Choose your favorite set and order your new Lamulux table today, coffee table, tv meubel, cabinet and more. Advice needed? Our interior specialists are happy to advise you when choosing Lamulux furniture.

    Wiegers XL, the specialist in the field of Lamulux furniture

    At Wiegers XL you will find Lamulux furniture with a beautiful wood look for a very competitive price. In our extensive range of different colours and designs you will always find something that suits you.
    You can't get out through our webshop and you need personal advice? Then visit our showroom in Asten and be inspired. We are happy to help you find out the right furniture.
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    In our shop you will also find furniture from teak wood, mango wood and Oak wood.