The dining room table Malaga bears the signature of the nature

This sideboard made the wood of which is, is a fair natural product, a living material that all phenomena know that nature has given. Each piece of wood that is selected for this furniture has other structure, grain and color. Cracks, holes, bumps and knots are examples of the natural attributes that characterize the authenticity of the wood. This ensures that each piece of furniture is unique in appearance.

Dining room tables

Or a dining table in the living room or in a kitchen: a dining room table offers in many households not only a place to eat but also to put together the day. It is a practical piece of furniture but also at the same time gives a cozy atmosphere at home.

Oak furniture

Oak furniture feel convincing as solid wood. It's a very reliable strong wood that has a classic look. Not only furniture, but also doors, parquet, frames and stairs are traditionally made of oak wood. This makes the dining room table Malaga perfect to combine with your décor. By your Oak floor the dining table to match with Malaga you will get a very nice combination that your dining room gives the desired effect.