Complete furniture set

Looking for a complete furniture set? We have put together a number of living series with furniture that fits together perfectly. This ensures an interior that exudes peace and harmony.
Curious about our furniture sets? Below is an overview of all our living programmes.

Living Program Jessie

Furniture set Evianne has a warm design due to the natural elements that the teak wood brings. The combination of wood and whitewash can also be combined with other furniture in your interior.

Living Program Explosion

The Lamulux Explosion furniture set is a series of furniture with cool, metal details, which creates a subtle industrial look. The furniture is exclusively made in the beautiful Lamulux Mokka colour and is virtually scratch resistant!

Mango wood residential program: Iron

The iron series furniture is made of mango wood and has a very warm appearance. Even though it's a furniture set, every piece of furniture is unique. This is because the appearance of the wood varies from tree to tree.
Mango wood is also very durable: the mango tree is only cut down when it no longer pays. The mango wood in combination with the sturdy black metal frame work make the Iron series a very attractive furniture set.

Housing programme Gamma

The Gamma furniture set consists entirely of furniture made of Lamulux material. This plastic material is known for its maintenance-friendly nature. It is, in this way, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. All models within the Gamma furniture set have SoftClose drawer attendants and are in the color Old Piano/Old Teak.

Valero housing programme

The valero furniture set is the latest Lamulux program in the collection of Wiegers XL. This program comes from the MaxFurn brand, known for its high quality furniture.
Lamulux is a very maintenance-friendly material, because it is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. The Valero series is fully executed in the neutral color Claywood.

Life program Jazz

The Jazz furniture set is also one of the newer Lamulux programs in our collection. This program also comes from the well-known maxfurn brand. The furniture of the Jazz collection is also entirely made of claywood.

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