Complete meubelsets

    Complete furniture sets from Wakefield XL

    Looking for a complete furniture set? We have put together a number of living series with furniture that fits together perfectly. This ensures an interior that exudes peace and harmony.
    Curious about our furniture sets? Below is an overview of all our living programmes.

    Oak furniture sets

    Oak is a very popular type of wood for the manufacture of furniture. With this type of wood you can really go in any direction. This way you can easily create different oak furniture sets for different interior styles, such as rural, Industrial, modern and design.
    In our range you will find the Toledo and Ravenna furniture sets. The oak furniture in this series are available in different colours. We can order the furniture in different colors. How to create your unique furniture. How cool is that?!

    Mangohouten meubelsets

    The trend of the moment: mango wood furniture. The furniture sets from the different series are made of mango wood combined with steel. Mango wood is a unique type of wood with many warm shades of colour in the wood. In combination with steel you create a beautiful industrial living style.
    In our range you will find the following Iron, Marlous, Paul and Toon furniture sets. Each furniture set has its own characteristics. For example, the Toon consists of large mango buffet cabinets and in the Iron series you will also find several mango coffee tables.
    Mango wood is also a very sustainable choice: the mango tree is only cut down when it no longer bears fruit. The mango wood in combination with the sturdy black metal frame make the furniture sets very popular and popular.

    Teak furniture sets

    Furniture made of teak wood you can see in many Dutch households. Not surprising, because teak is timeless, has a warm appearance and is easy to maintain. Wiegers XL in Asten is a teak specialist and has an extensive range of teak furniture, likewise some beautiful teak furniture sets. Create unity and stylish interior with wakefield XL furniture set.
    In our assortment you will find the Asten, Duncan, Lola and Didi furniture sets. We have the teak furniture from these series in stock as standard and can also be ordered as desired. We produce the furniture ourselves in Indonesia so that we also deliver custom work. For more information about custom teak.

    Lamulux meubelsets

    A robust wooden look, but without the disadvantages of wood. It can be too biased with lamulux furniture. In addition, Lamulux is also a suitable option for anyone who finds solid wood furniture too expensive. Wakefield XL is a dealer of Lamulux and has many different types of furniture sets in the range. With more than 15 complete furniture sets there is always a nice set that suits your favorite living style.
    In our range you will find the following Lamulux meubelsets:
    • Claire
    • City
    • Explosion
    • Gamma
    • Industry
    • Jazz
    • Jumbo
    • Kinga
    • Stanly
    • Union
    • Valero
    • Vigo
    • Woody
    • Whisper
    With a Furniture Set from Lamulux you can turn your living room into a living paradise in no time. In addition, you can also enjoy the lamulux furniture for a very long time. Lamulux is wear-resistant: circles and scratches are now a past tense.
    In our webshop you will find your new complete furniture set. Would you like advice from one of our interior specialists? Then be sure to visit our showroom.

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