Industrial, Design, Modern or yet a delightful relax armchair

chairs there are in different shapes and sizes. From modern armchairs rich fabrics up to design specimens in separate shapes and bright colours. On our website you can find a wide choice (relax)armchairs. In addition, several armchairs are available in many options. How to create your perfect armchair. All our armchairs and loveseats are available in different materials such as dust, leather and artificial leather. But also the frame and the armrests can be supplied in, for example, wood or metal. Are you looking for a real relax armchair to sit comfortably in front of the TV? Then we also have chairs with a relaxation function and adjustable headrest and footrest to our catalog.

Relax in a Wiegers XL relax armchair

A relax armchair is a luxurious armchair. There is usually just a luxury with an armchair, comfortable chair, not a specific model. There are sleek models, where STAINLESS STEEL is processed in, to rural padded armchairs. A recliner is sometimes called 'diaper chair', where the main feature is that you can sit comfortably in. Therefore, also the seat of good quality. At Wiegers XL you'll find only the best quality, For the very lowest price. So you can laze carefree for the television. This is so fine!

Beautifully finished chairs

Our fabrics chairs are all beautifully finished. Double seams are often used so that the fabric stays securely in place and therefore less wear. Of course the swap colors per model, but they are selected for their quality and durability.

The ideal products at Wakefield XL armchair!

At Wiegers XL you can find a wide range of comfortable armchairs. We have not only the most beautiful armchairs, We also offer you the best service! Of course you also get 2 Year CBW warranty on your purchase. Are you curious about the wonderful seating comfort of our reclining armchairs? Why not visit our showroom in Asten and experience all our armchairs!