Allstar Sofa

Meet the Allstar banking concept. A unique concept with hundreds of different options. How to create the perfect couch!

Wiegers XL in Asten has a large assortment of banks counting. This is because each bank set Hundreds of different options is to order. At Wakefield XL So you create your own style sofa! All (corner)Banks from the Avantgarde concept can be delivered in various versions. Examples of options are: Number of Zits, Upholstery and Colour.
Buying a sofa set online can sometimes be very tricky. That is why we have Qualified personnel who would like to help you in the shop. So you can get the different fabrics, Colors and sofas come to view, Test out and feel.
Therefore, do not forget to measure the sizes of your living room before you visit our showroom. Our expert sales advisors can then optimally help you choose the right size and setup.
After you have assembled your perfect beautiful couch, We order the Bankset for you. Certain models are tailor-made for you. As a result, the delivery time is a little longer. The delivery time is generally between the 4 and 8 weeks.
(Corner)Banks are most bought in leather and fabric. The advantage of a leather corner sofa is that this easy in maintains is, and through the learning the property has for many years to stay beautiful. However, the advantage of a fabric corner sofa that this warm and homey touch.
With us in the showroom you can try all the materials and see which suits your style best. Most banks have Three-year warranty , In addition, there are also banks that have longer or shorter warranties.
Get inspired and have a look at the showroom by Wakefield XL in Asten. We'll be happy to help!