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A garden table is a must in the summer, a table which you can have a barbecue and lingering at the table during the long summer evenings. Important in a garden table is that they are long lasting and firm is. Do you have no garden table? Then come take a look at Wakefield XL. Wakefield XL is always looking for the latest trends and designs for garden tables.

Garden table of wood, aluminum or metal

Wakefield XL has an extensive range of garden tables in many different materials, including marble, wood, aluminum and metal. Tables of aluminum are lightweight making them easy to move his, ideal if you prefer one moment in the Sun wants to eat and the other moment in the shade.
Garden tables of wood give a natural appearance and are in a beautiful way old, so you can have years. At Wakefield XL we go not only for the cheapest garden tables, quality is our priority. The brand Kettler is known for its high-quality garden furniture. The garden tables by Kettler are innovative, maintenance-free and easy to use. Is your ideal garden table missing? Wakefield XL also makes tables so you can design your table as you wish.

Cheap garden tables in different models

Wakefield XL has a very extensive range of garden tables in many different models.
A round garden table gives a cozy atmosphere and there may be easy extra seats be created. A wooden garden table, on the other hand, is a true classic, wood will never go out of fashion and can always. A collapsible table is very practical. Our folding tables are easy to- and to fold out and take up very little space when saving the garden table. In addition to garden tables sells Wakefield XL also matching Garden chairs and we have countless other garden furniture in our range.

Our garden tables in the really see?

Quality is putting all our front garden tables of Wakefield XL top quality. Wondering how our garden tables in there it really matter see? Take a look at our showroom, located in Asten. In our showroom you can 7 days a week, We like to advise you on the most suitable garden table that fits your needs.