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Buying garden Chairs

If you are at the first rays of sunshine right outside? Do you love to eat and drink for a long time? Then you know like no other how important it is that a garden chair sits nicely. Besides that a garden chair should sit nicely, Does the eye also want. Wiegers XL has a wide assortment of garden chairs, so there's something for everyone!
Are you looking for a chair where you can sit down in the bottom or you like to be in a more active posture? View our Tuinstoelen assortment above.

Our range of garden chairs

Wiegers XL has a wide range of garden chairs in many different models, Materials and colours. Our assortment includes stackable garden chairs, Folding garden chairs and aluminium garden chairs.

Aluminium Garden Chairs

Aluminium Garden Chairs give the garden a modern and luxurious look. On the other hand, keep more of a more classic look? Then go for a garden chair made of wickerwork.

Folding Garden Chairs

A folding garden chair is ideal for on the balcony. Folding Garden Chairs do not take up so much space so you still have enough room. In addition, folding garden chairs are easy to fold and store.

Stackable Garden Chairs

Stackable Garden chairs are very suitable when you get more people across the floor, For example for a barbecue or birthday. Stackable Garden chairs occupy little place in your garden house or garage. In addition, they are easy to get out when you need them.
We sell garden chairs from the following brands: Garden Impressions, Kettler, Sens Line, Hartman, Eurofar, Studio 20 and Royal.
In addition to garden chairs, Wiegers XL also sells matching Garden tables and Garden Cushions. Tuinstul cushions give just a little extra comfort. With a nice set of pillows you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Kettler Garden Chairs

At Wiegers XL you can not only find the best priced garden chairs, But also for the best quality. The Kettler brand is known for its durable, long-lasting garden furniture. The garden furniture from Kettler have a modern look and are easy to maintain.
Kettler's garden chairs are made of aluminium. Aluminum is easy to clean, Cannot rust through, IS maintenance friendly, Adopts the outside temperature and is often a lot lighter than steel or wood. This makes aluminium a suitable material for garden chairs.
Wiegers XL has a wide assortment of Kettler garden chairs. In addition to garden chairs, we also have folding tables and complete (Lounge)Kettler sets in our assortment. All Kettler items include 3 Year warranty and available from stock.

Visit our showroom

Have you found what you were looking for? Order quickly online. We make sure that you can enjoy your garden chair within a few days. It is also possible to visit our showroom in Asten. Here we have a wide range of garden furniture.
Our employees are 7 days in the week, We are happy to give you tailor-made advice. Walk in and get inspired.