Garden benches

Buying garden bank

By buying a garden bench, you will enjoy your garden or balcony even more. The outdoors is not complete without a fine seating area. This can be easily created with a garden bench by Wiegers XL.
A garden bench isn't just great to sit on, but also works decoratively. Wiegers XL has garden benches in various materials and models, so you can always find a style that appeals to you. In addition to 2- or 3-seater garden benches, for example, you can also opt for a cosy tête-à-tête two-seater with a table in between. To enjoy the view while enjoying a cup of tea or a nice glass of wine.
Check out our complete range above or read more about our garden benches below.

Buying garden bank for every budget

Whatever you're looking for, you will definitely find a suitable garden bench for your garden or balcony. With us you can buy cheap garden benches up to very luxurious: we have garden benches for every budget. And whichever garden bench you choose, quality is our priority.
So be sure to check out Wiegers XL and combine your new garden bench with our other garden furniture and accessories such as pillows and parasols. Guaranteed to sit well this summer!

Teak wood garden bench for a natural look

You probably immediately think of a wooden garden bench at a garden bench. Sustainable, sturdy and with a natural look. Wakefield XL has several models teak garden benches in the collection. This type of wood is ideal for staying outside. Because wood is a natural product, it's never 'worked out'.
The wooden garden benches of Wiegers XL are of high quality and get a nice ageing. You'll enjoy that for years..

Decorative aluminium garden bench

But there is more that can be. At Wiegers XL, for example, you can also find garden benches made of aluminium. These are not only very decorative, but their light weight also make it easy to move. Ideal, for example, to join friends for extra seating on a summer evening.
Our aluminium garden benches are coated and therefore- and scratch-resistant. It also ensures that the framework is extra strong. Furthermore, aluminium is known for not rusting and it is very maintenance-friendly.

Beautiful braiding wicker garden bench

Real classics in the rural garden are wicker garden furniture of braiding. Available in different colors, styles and thread thicknesses. In the collection of Wiegers XL you will find a pair of beautiful and comfortable wicker garden benches.
Sustainable, with a natural, rural look and well combined with other wooden and metal garden furniture, which ensures that the garden bench looks beautiful in every garden or on every balcony.

Beautiful combination of textiles with other materials

In part of our collection of garden benches textiles have also been incorporated: seats of high-quality PVC. This material has a number of advantages:
  • Weatherproof: special way of weaving and coating allows it to withstand all kinds of weather types and high temperatures
  • Strong: powerful wires and weaving
  • Color-resistant: won't fade
  • Flame repellent: textiles has a flame-resistant function
  • Easy to maintain: dirt does not attach sight to textiles, as a result, the bank is very easy to maintain
Textiles also combines beautifully with aluminium or wicker, making your garden bench indestructible.

Maintenance and protection

The Wiegers XL garden bench collection is easy to maintain. If you have been tampered with food or drink, you can often easily clean it with a wet wipe. Tips for removing stubborn dirt and stains, further maintenance and protection can be found in this blog. In addition, our collection also includes a variety of breathable protective covers for protection, as for example in the winter period.
Good maintenance and protection significantly extends the life of your garden bench, especially with wooden garden benches.

Buy or order garden benches online in our showroom

Our extensive collection of garden benches gives you the opportunity to see which garden bench fits perfectly in your garden or on your terrace or balcony. In addition, we have all garden banks in stock and can deliver quickly.
Would you like to 'test' first? Then you are welcome in our showroom. And you don't find quite what you're looking for? Then know that we also custom-made furniture be able to create. So also a garden bench.
Our sellers are happy to help you make the right choice, both online, telephone as in our showroom in Asten. Whatever question you have, they are happy to be there for you.