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You can also enjoy nice weather, But don't want to sit in the bright sun all day long? Then a parasol is indispensable for you! With a parasol you can sit outside, But in the shadows.

Large collection of parasols

Wiegers XL has a wide range of parasols in many different models, colors and sizes, Including gliding umbrellas, Table umbrellas and smaller parasols. Many of our umbrellas are movable, So you can sit anywhere in the shade.
When buying a parasol it is important to take into account the shape of the parasols. Round and square parasols with a diameter of 300 CM differ in surface area. A square parasol is a lot larger by the edges than a round parasol.

Gliding umbrellas

Gliding umbrellas are ideal for a lounge set or table. The advantage of a gliding parasol is that the foot sits on the side of the, So you don't suffer from a pole in the middle of the terrace. This gives you more space around the parasol. Wiegers XL has both round and square gliding umbrellas.

Table Parasol

A table parasol is suitable for a table parasol blanking cap. With a table parasol everyone can sit in the shade around the table. In addition, table parasol can also be used free of, For example, if you want to be in the shade on your light bed.

Smaller parasols

Do you have a smaller garden or a balcony and want to sit out of the sun, But you don't have a place for a big parasol? At Wiegers XL We also have several smaller parasols in the assortment. These umbrellas are very suitable for a smaller space.

Safe from the sun with a suitable parasol

Do you want to be assured of a place out of the sun in the summer? The advantage of a parasol is that you can sit in the shade whenever and wherever you want.
When buying a parasol, it is wise to check if you want to be able to move the parasol. Besides parasols, Wiegers XL also sells parasol bases. We have several parasol feet in the assortment including some with wheels.
The lifespan of a parasol is promoted when it is well maintained and protected. Therefore, try to prevent the parasol from being in the rain for a long time.
It's annoying to move the parasol in every time when it rains. A parasol protective cover offers a solution for. With a protective cover, the parasol is optimally protected against precipitation and in addition it offers protection against discoloration. Wiegers XL has a wide range of protective covers.

Order online or visit our showroom

With the extensive garden furniture assortment of Wiegers XL you will always find a parasol that suits your lounge set or table. We have all parasols in stock, So we can deliver fast and you never have to wait long. Wiegers XL has guaranteed the lowest price on the latest models.
On our webshop you can get home, From the bank, Quietly online view and compare our assortment. Have you found what you were looking for? Order directly online and we deliver the parasol at your home. This saves you a lot of sintered with a heavy parasol.
Would you prefer to come and watch in our showroom in Asten? We would like to invite you to come and visit us again. Our employees are 7 days in the week, We'll be happy to help.