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Can you always enjoy the beautiful weather? A lounge set is ideal for lounging in the sun. A lounge set is an asset to your garden or terrace and you have years of fun.
Do you prefer to Hang out in a lounge set or you prefer to sit in a more active position at a dining table lounge set? Wiegers XL has a wide range of lounge sets. Buy a lounge set for your garden or terrace? View our collection above and order directly online.

Loose elements

Lounge sets can be used as a whole set, But the parts can also be used separately or in another setup. As a result, lounge sets have many different possibilities.
Due to the large size of the lounge sets, storage in the winter period is sometimes quite a challenge. Therefore, We recommend it to A protective cover To use. This gives you longer enjoyment of the lounge set and you do not have to move it in when the weather gets worse.

Our range of lounge sets

Our collection of lounge sets is very varied and we have something for everyone. We offer lounge sets in different sizes, Price ranges and different materials.
When purchasing a lounge set it is important to take into account different aspects:
How much space is there in your garden or terrace?
Do you have a smaller garden and no place for a large lounge set? Then a smaller set or a single lounge bench is more suitable for you.
Do you have more space and you are looking for a lounge set big enough for the whole family or a large group of friends? Then a lounge set with a corner sofa is the perfect choice.
What do you want to use the lounge set? To enjoy lounging or also dining?
Wiegers XL has both lounge sets in the assortment with a low table and a higher table. A lounge set with a higher table is very suitable for dining or barbecuing.
In addition to lounge sets, we also have other garden furniture In the assortment, Including Sun beds, Garden chairs and garden benches.

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In our webshop you can find all the lounge sets and garden furniture together. Have you found what you were looking for? Order directly online! Wiegers XL delivers your purchase for free at home. This saves you a lot of fun with a heavy lounge set.
Prefer to visit the showroom in Asten? Our staff is at your disposal seven days a week, We'll be happy to help.