Protective case set of garden furniture

Don't have a storage space to move your garden set in the winter? With a protective case, this problem has been solved. The cover ensures that your garden set is protected from the unpredictable weather influences of the Netherlands.
Wiegers XL has a wide range of protective covers. View our collection above and order directly online.

Protective cover for winter and summer

Unfortunately, the Netherlands has rather rainy winters. Wiegers XL wants to prevent you from being in the over and over again to move the garden set from inside out. We therefore offer a better solution: a protective case for your garden set.
A protective case not only protects against weather influences, but also against discoloration by the sun. This allows protective covers to come in handy both in summer and winter.
When you move the garden set to the barn in winter, it is important to provide the cushions with good protection. Due to the high moisture content in the barn, the garden cushions can be affected.
No room to move the garden set inside? Leave the protective cover all winter over the garden set. As a result, the garden set does not suffer from the harsh winter weather.
For example, a protective cover extends the life of your garden set and garden cushions.

Our range of protective covers

Wiegers XL has a wide range of protective covers, including protective covers for umbrellas and lounge sets.

Protection cover parasol

Umbrellas are often heavy and large. This makes it extra annoying to move a parasol inwards when it rains. A parasol protective case offers a solution for this. A protective case for a parasol not only gives protection against precipitation but also from discoloration by the sun.

Protective case lounge set

Lounge sets often have a lot of pillows that you can hang in. However, this is detrimental when you have to move the pillows in in bad weather. A protective cover for your lounge set doesn't just protect the pillows, but the whole lounge set.
Wiegers XL protective covers have different dimensions. As a result, there is a suitable protective case for each lounge set.
In addition to protective covers, we also garden furniture Including lounge sets, parasols and Garden chairs in our range.

Order directly online or visit our showroom

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