Cabinets made of teak wood you can find nowhere as nice and cheap!

By importing our own teak furniture enables us to offer the cheapest prices among the several teak providers. We supply to various teak furniture stores, horeca, businesses but also to individuals from our furniture showroom in Asten.

Looking for a new teak wood cabinet?

WiegersXL has a large collection of teak cabinets in various colors, models and dimensions. If you opt for the coarse recycled teak wood or the sleek new teak wood. By stock taking multiple teak programs do you have sufficient choice and possibilities.

Custom tailor your teak furniture? It is also possible!

Because the customer wants to distinguish itself more and more often, Let us also make custom furniture in Indonesia. We'd love to hear what your needs are, what dimensions, type of wood, which handles and more. Everything is designed by us and sent to the factories in Indonesia. You will receive your own custom made piece of furniture created in detail.