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Teak furniture are hip. Logical, because teak wood furniture have a trendy look, they are user-friendly and easy to maintain. At Wakefield XL you will find a large assortment of teak furniture. From our own factories in Indonesia we import teak wood furniture with a high quality. Custom made and at a low price. So are you looking for a teak dining table, a coffee table or a whole new decor? At Wakefield XL are we like for you ready.

Good teak furniture at cheap price

At Wakefield XL we will import all teak teak furniture from our own factories. As a result, we keep the costs low and we can offer you the cheapest furniture. Also custom tailor for your teak furniture you don't pay any additional cost. Of course, we at Wakefield XL for the best quality. We select only the best and most beautiful teak wood, with the SVLK/V-Legal quality mark. So pick you not only cheap, but also good teak furniture in house.

Our range of teak furniture

With our extensive range of teak furniture in our spacious showroom of 2500 square meters, is Wakefield XL one of the biggest importers of teak wood furniture in the region. We deliver our furniture to both individuals and companies. In our showroom in Asten includes teak wood tables, teak chairs, teak cabinets and teak coffee tables. Even recycled teak can be found in our range. Many items are available from stock and we come it free with your home delivery. Is your desired size is not? No problem. Also for the tailor make furniture are you at Wakefield XL is the right choice.

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Curious about our collection? Our range of teak wood furniture is regularly updated. View our products online or get inspired in our showroom in Asten. You're welcome!