Teak garden chairs

Atmosphere, bringing cosiness and comfort to the garden? Then his teak garden chairs an excellent choice.
Teak wood has a warm color and appearance, is easy to adjust and can withstand water perfectly. In addition, a teak garden chair requires little maintenance.

These are the advantages of teak garden chairs

It is not for nothing that a teak garden chair shines in many a garden. Teak wood is indestructible hardwood and can therefore take a beating. The oil content is also high, so that chairs of teak are not sensitive to temperature changes.
Teak wood is also Sustainable. This means that the core wood of this type of wood At least 25 year good Remains.
Of course it's seating comfort the most important thing: a teak garden chair just sits nicely! The teak stand chairs are also easily adjustable. This way you sit up and a second later you lie back enjoying the bright sun.
By the way, did you know that we teak garden tables Sell? Perfect in combination with the above chairs.
We don't just make garden chairs and tables from teak, other teak garden furniture are prominently present in our range.

The very best quality teak garden chairs

You can buy a teak garden chair from several specialty shops. Only these things don't work the same way as Wakefield XL. We choose the most beautiful and very best teak for your teak garden chairs. Teak wood is therefore always provided with an SVLK/V-Legal quality mark. In this way, high quality and a long service life of your teak garden chair is guaranteed!
Qualitatively, our garden chairs are rock solid and the price remains sharp. This is due to production in our own factories in Indonesia. In this way, costs remain low, but do you benefit from a cheaply priced garden chair.

With our custom teak garden chairs

Do you have a specific idea about your garden chair, but is your dream copy not in our assortment? That's not a problem., because then we just make your teak garden chair to measure. And the cost? They don't get any higher. With us you really don't pay a penny too much for a custom-made teak garden chair.
Contact us rest assured: we are curious about your wishes.

Buy garden chair teak at Wakefield XL

Customisation sounds good to you, but you want to know more about the service of Wakefield XL? Logical, it's about the overall picture.
Therefore, a number of characteristics of our service at a glance:
  • Buy from us? Then an employee will give you extensive maintenance advice. No laundry list of points, because the maintenance of teak is minimal.
  • Towing with the garden chairs? No, because we deliver it neatly to your home. The car with trailer is allowed to stay at home.
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, You won't be sent from the locker to the wall. We immediately think along.
  • You can easily ask your questions by phone, but video chat with an advisor in the store is always possible with us.

Enjoy the sun in your new chair? Order now!

Do you choose a teak garden chair? A wise choice, because you and your family have enjoyed this for years. Check out the range above and quickly choose your favourite garden chair. Or take a look at our other Garden chairs.
Questions or need for customization? Please contact our Customer service.