Teak tuinbanken

Cheap teak garden benches from Wiegers XL

A teak garden bench can often be found in the Dutch gardens. Often a garden bench has the function to enjoy in the garden, but regularly also as a decorative piece in the front garden or in a flower box. The teak garden benches of Wiegers XL are from Indonesia and we select and import the benches ourselves, making you enjoy the best quality, at the very best price. In the spring, the teak garden benches are in stock and directly available or picked up in our warehouse in Asten.

The benefits of teak garden benches

Teak is a popular type of wood for the production of furniture and has many advantages, such as:
  • a beautiful warm look
  • maintenance friendly
  • suitable for the humid Dutch climate
  • very long life (very durable so)

What size garden bench is suitable for me?

When you are considering buying a teak garden bench, it is important that the garden bench meets your needs. Is it the sofa purely decorative and the sofa is placed in the front yard? Then a teak garden bench of 180 cm may be too large and is a garden bench of 130 cm a better option.
In addition, it is also nice to know how many people the garden bench serves. As an indication, we explain all available formats below:
  • teak garden bench 130: suitable for two adults
  • teak garden bench 150: suitable for two adults and one child
  • teak garden bench 180: suitable for three adults
In the spring, all available teak garden benches are exhibited in our showroom. Do you want to make sure the garden bench meets your needs? Visit our shop in Asten.
In addition, we also supply custom garden benches. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Maintenance of teak garden benches

Teak wood is characterised by a warm natural appearance and is also extremely durable and maintenance-friendly. In principle, a teak garden bench can stand outside all year. We do advise to clean the garden bench twice a year with green soap. When you store the teak garden bench in the autumn or store it under a roof, then the colour of the wood is better preserved. We always recommend that.
Should the colour of the piece of furniture change from brown to a greyish hue , then you can scrape the sofa and treat it with a teak maintenance product. The maintenance agent protects against moisture and from the ingress of dirt and algae growth. This way you enjoy your garden bench for an extra long time.

Our range of teak garden furniture

Wiegers XL has a large collection teak garden furniture. The range includes various models and sizes. Our garden furniture range includes teak lounge sets, teak sunbeds, teak garden chairs and teak garden tables. In addition, we also have a large range of indoor furniture. Curious about our full range? Visit our showroom in Asten.

Garden benches for the hospitality industry

Wiegers XL has close ties with several factories in Indonesia. As a result, we have the opportunity to- Garden tables, deliver garden chairs and lounge sets to the hospitality industry or other businesses. In addition, we also meet customer-specific requirements, such as custom-made teak garden benches or other furniture that we do not have as standard in the range. In addition, the furniture is always low priced and there is a bulk discount. Take timely Contact with us or walk inside our showroom to discuss the possibilities.

Visit our showroom

Every spring we transform our showroom into a true garden furniture paradise. The latest collections of garden furniture are then in stock and exhibited in our showroom. Several teak garden benches can be picked up immediately or our delivery service delivers the furniture to your home as soon as possible. This way you can immediately enjoy the beautiful weather in your new garden furniture. We are open seven days a week. See you soon in our showroom!