Teak wastafelmeubelen

Teak washbasin furniture

A sink furniture is a prominent part of the bathroom. Your current furniture looks outdated, is your bathroom moodless or do you worry about which sink suits you? Then no longer doubt and now opt for a teak sink furniture.
Washbasins of teak wood have a natural resistance to water, can't be broken and, above all, provides a luxurious, rustic atmosphere. For an atmospheric bathroom with class, opt for a teak sink furniture.

Benefits of teak sink furniture

Teak wood has something nostalgic. It brings out the best memories. While brushing your teeth, your mind wanders effortlessly to that beautiful holiday home in the middle of the nature of Provence.
Outside of the atmosphere experience, a sink furniture of teak has many more positive features:
  • The teak sink furniture can withstand a bump. Drop your electric toothbrush? Or morning crowds in the bathroom? No problem at all.
  • Teak is hardwood and therefore can be used in areas that become damp and come into direct contact with water.
  • It has low maintenance
  • Teak wood is a solid wood with a dense grain. It also has a high oil content. As a result, the furniture is not sensitive to temperature changes.

Teak sink furniture custom made

Yes, teak sink furniture can be bought in several places. Only at Wiegers XL do we do it slightly differently. Wiegers XL selects only the most beautiful and best teak for your sink furniture. The teak wood is labelled SVLK/V-Legal. In this way, we guarantee high quality and a long life.
The furniture is good quality, but you don't pay the top price. All the teak wood that makes up a teak sink furniture, comes from own factories in Indonesia. In this way, we keep costs low and you benefit from a competitively priced teak sink furniture.
Beyond the competitive price, Wiegers XL is also known for offering Custom. Do you want a teak washbasin furniture that is a bit narrower, wider, higher or lower? Let us know what you want and we'll make it custom-made teak for you. At no extra cost! With us you never pay too much for custom-made teak sink furniture. You can also make your wishes known as to the type of teak we use for your furniture. Think smooth teak, rustic teak, but also to recycled teak.

The benefits of Wiegers XL

You get excited by customization, but you still doubt whether you should buy your teak sink furniture from Wiegers XL?
Well, then you certainly don't know this yet:
  • Upon purchase, one of our employees gives extensive maintenance advice. In the case of teak, maintenance is minimal.
  • We deliver the teak sink furniture to your home. So you don't have to worry if everything fits in the car or on the trailer.
  • Have a teak sink furniture assembled, unpacking and disposing of packaging materials is possible! This is not included by default and must be indicated in advance.
  • Is something going wrong?? You won't be sent to the wall cabinet., but we immediately think along.
  • Questions? Call or (Video)chatting with an advisor in the store is always possible with us!

Enjoy a teak sink furniture? Order immediately!

As you read, a teak sink furniture is an enrichment for your bathroom. Choose from the range above your favourite sink furniture of teak.
Which sink furniture suits you? Take questions about a teak sink furniture direct contact customer service.