Teak TV furniture

Buy teak TV furniture?

A TV furniture has a prominent place in your living room. You can get rid of your TV cables in it and use it as a convenient storage space.
Do you go for a teak wooden TV cabinet? Excellent choice: teak wood is a beautiful eye-catcher! It fits into almost any interior and lasts for a long time. No wonder you fell for teak wood.
With us you will find a wide choice of different types of teak TV furniture. Ranging from robust and rural, to romantic classic. Check out our range below and order directly online. Or come and visit our showroom in Asten.

Why a teak tv cabinet?

Whatever the annual trends, teak wood always keeps coming back. For decades,. And that is absolutely not without reason.
We are happy to list the benefits of teak wood for you.

Teak wood is a strong material

Are you looking for a TV cabinet that can take a beating? Then teak wood is very suitable. The material remains beautiful for a long time and is easy to maintain. The wood is naturally supplied with oils and fats.
Blurs the color after a number of years? Then you can easily clean teak wood yourself. Check out our blog about cleaning wooden furniture for a complete manual. With the right maintenance equipment you can use your teak furniture(s) turn out to be new.

A warm look

Is your interior modern and you miss that little bit of warmth in the house? Then one of our teak tv furniture can be a perfect addition to your interior.
Wiegers XL offers teak TV furniture in different styles. Classic or a bit tougher in combination with steel. Due to the deep colour of teak wood, it will always create a warm atmosphere in your living room.

Sustainable teak wood production

To produce our teak tv furniture, we often use recycled teak wood. This recycled wood comes from houses that used to be built with teak wood.
Very environmentally friendly and sustainable so!

Teak wood TV furniture at Wiegers XL

Your teak TV furniture is best ordered directly from Wiegers XL.
The benefits in a row:
  • Competitive value for money
  • Our teak wood is equipped with the SVLK/V-Legal label
  • Quick delivery service or pick up yourself in the showroom
  • Bespoke furniture are among the possibilities
At Wiegers XL we have several teak TV furniture in the range. But we really distinguish ourselves with our Custom.
Isn't your perfect teak TV furniture on our webshop yet? Then we like to tailor your design.

Personal interior advice

We understand that with all that choice you don't come out right away. For personal interior advice you are welcome in our showroom. You can also always contact us. View our range teak wood furniture to perfectly match your interior.
The Wiegers XL team is there for you!