Teak sidetables

Teak sidetables by Wakefield XL

It is no secret that many Trends come and go. That's why you prefer timeless furniture as the basis for your home. The teak furniture in the Wiegers XL range, they lend themselves perfectly to this. A nice sidetable can't be missed.
That's why wiegers XL has a nice collection of teak sidetables.
And isn't the model or style you're looking for?? Don't worry. We also like to make your teak sidetable and all kinds of other furniture customization for you!

A teak sidetable for any interior

In our range you will find various models of teak sidetables, both tightly robust and gracefully rural.
Small or large, baroque or modern: sidetables of teak wood are always both aesthetic and functional boosters.
Because in addition to a beautification on your interior, sidetables are also just very useful for various purposes:
  • Due to their shallow depth, sidetables are perfect for the corridor, to impose keys and phone, or something to store.
  • Behind, for example, a bank, for posting souvenirs, framed photos, a lamp or a vase with flowers.
  • As a night greenhouse next to your bed, to get a night light, your alarm clock, phone or book.
  • For added functionality and convenience, search for our sidetables of teak with drawers, where you have essential items such as wallet, Jewelry, keys and documents can be stored. So you always have a tidy house.
In short, a teak sidetable is a decorative, but also a functional piece of furniture.
The teak sidetables of Wiegers XL can be found in various models, are always of the highest quality and at the lowest prices. You can be of that!

Why you choose a teak sidetable

When it comes to furniture, teak wood is often hailed as the best of the best.
That distinction doesn't just come, teak has earned its place at the top!
From durability to longevity, there are many reasons to opt for a teak sidetable, Including:


Teak is a renewable, environmentally friendly building material. It is cultivated on sustainable plantation forests in countries such as Indonesia and Belize.
For each felled tree, more than one is planted to replace it, so that teak will be available to future generations.

Hardly any maintenance

Teak wood has a beautifully rich, golden hue. A feast for the eyes! As the wood ages, it becomes slightly greyer and more characteristic. Due to the oily nature of teak, it has a nice smooth finish and rot, bends and does not split it.
To enjoy your teak sidetable for as long as possible, you only need to maintain them sporadically. Read all about it in our blog.

That's why you buy from Wiegers XL

We are one of The Netherlands' largest importers of teak furniture.
Our extensive range teak cabinets and teak tables in all shapes and sizes is always of the highest quality teak, that we also offer at a competitive price.
In addition, we can make custom furniture for you, without us charging extra for it. All our employees are all professionals, which deliver excellent customization.
In short, your benefits are with us:
  • Lots of choice
  • Custom-made possible
  • Good value for money
  • Expertise of our products
You can find even more extensive information about the teak furniture of Wiegers XL here.

Order your teak sidetable online or visit our showroom

The great thing about our webshop is that you can view and compare the entire collection of sidetables at home. Once you've found the teak wooden sidetable you're looking for? Then you can easily order it online.
In addition, you can choose whether you use our delivery service or if you come to pick it up in our store.
Our employees are no less than 7 days a week with pleasure ready for you and are happy to help you make the right choice.
Feel welcome!