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Suar log tables from Wakefield XL

Tree trunk tables made of suar wood is the ultimate table. Suar is characterized by the unique drawings in the wood. The colours in the wood vary from light to dark and the outer edge of the log table is often light coloured. This gives the suar tree trunk table a beautiful contrast. In addition, a suar log table also has a robust appearance due to the thick tabletop. It is a real eye-catcher in your living room or kitchen.
We select and import the tree trunk tables ourselves from Indonesia and you reap the benefits. Namely,, the best quality suar log tables at the very best price. You can only find that at Wakefield XL in Asten.

The advantages of suar tree trunk tables

Suar is a species of hardwood native to the tropical rainforest. We import the log tables from Indonesia, but the tree also grows in other countries, such as Thailand and Brazil. The advantages of suar are:
  • unique colour drawings in the wood;
  • suar wood is strong and almost does not tear;
  • suar wood is easy to maintain;
  • suar wood is a sustainable choice.

Maintenance suar tree trunk tables

Wood is a natural product and can go to work. To prevent the suar from tearing wood, you need to keep a close eye on the humidity in the house. Avoid major temperature changes and make sure the humidity is not too low. In principle, the houses in the Netherlands are well insulated and the humidity is fairly constant. However, you have to take this into account when purchasing a suar tree trunk table.
Furthermore, suar wood is very maintenance-friendly. You can easily clean the table with soap and water. However, it is advisable to protect the untreated suar trunk table with a maintenance agent. We recommend a colourless 2-component water-based hard lacquer. This makes the table moisture- and dirt repellent and stains/circles will not penetrate the wood. The 2-component hard lacquer gives the suar table an almost invisible protective layer without discolours the wood of the table. This way you can enjoy your beautiful table for an extra long time!

Our range of tree trunk tables

In the range of Wakefield XL you will find many different types trunk tables and log blades. In addition to our suar tables, we also offer Acacia- and Oak tree trunk tables on. The tables are available in different sizes and bases. So there is always a table that suits your wishes. Curious about our collection of tree trunk tables? Why not visit our showroom in Asten.

Visit our showroom

We at Wakefield XL believe that you should see a suar tabletop before purchasing the table. That is why we offer the possibility to see a number of table tops. Our employees take some pictures of the different magazines and send the photos to you (this can also be done via Whatsapp). Do you want to choose the tree trunk leaf yourself? That can! Visit our showroom in Asten and we would like to show you some table tops. From this you then choose your favorite suar tree trunk table. If you have any questions about our tables, please contact our customer service directly.