Buy a stool?

A stool is a great way to bring variety and interest to your home. It can serve as an extra seat, Act as a side table or it's a handy footstool to put your feet on when you're in your favorite armchair Is. In addition to the various functions of a stool, it is also relatively cheap piece of furniture to dress up your interior. Due to the diversity of models and materials of stools, there is always a stool that suits your living requirements. For example, go for an industrialist mango wood stool or choose a stool with a wonderfully comfortable fabric seat.

Stools height adjustable

In more and more homes you can find them: stools that you put down- and turn up. These height-adjustable stools are ideal as an extra seat in your home. After all, the height of a person does not matter, you can still maintain a good sitting position. In our webshop you will find various stools adjustable in height, such as the Jaipur and the Iron.

That's why you buy a stool at Wiegers XL

Of course you can buy a stool in several places. Outside our competitive prices, we offer much more at Seafield XL:
  • Have a stool mounted, unpacking and removing packaging material is possible. You can order this service extra.
  • Our own delivery service delivers dining room chairs, tables, stools and more neatly at home. Our delivery staff are ready for you, always with a smile.
  • Is something going wrong?? We are happy to think along with you for a suitable solution.
  • Questions or order a stool? Call or (Video)chatting with an advisor in the store is possible.

You can order a cheap stool at Wiegers XL

Whether you like design, rural or modern, we have a stool that suits your living requirements. View the wide range of stools from Wiegers XL above. Have you found your favorite? order the stool easily in our webshop. Would you rather visit our showroom in Asten? Throughout the year our spacious furniture store is filled with the latest trends furniture. See you again, the coffee is ready!