Buy seats?

Chairs are used for all kinds of purposes. We need a chair for the dining table, but also for relaxing in the living room. Or a chair in the bedroom as decoration or for making up. It doesn't matter where you put a chair, a house needs chairs. In addition to the comfortable aspect, you also want a chair to meet your living requirements.. For example, chairs are available in different models and styles, actually something for everyone. In addition to chairs, you also have stools and poufs. These multifunctional pieces of furniture can be used as an extra seat, but also if side table or footstool. Moreover, they are also real eye-catchers in a room! Do you have a bar table or bar in the house? Then a bar stool is of course ideal. Also the bar stools are available in many different styles, so there is always a bar stool that meets your living requirements.

A perfect set of chairs for the dining area

Dining chairs are an essential part of the dining experience. These chairs aren't just for while eating, people dine and enjoy being together with friends and family on a chair. A chair must therefore also be comfortable. Depending on the size of a dining table, choose the number of chairs. Often a set of four or a set of six chairs is chosen.

A comfortable chair for the seating area

There is no better way to relax in the living room than in a nice comfortable chair. There are countless models, sizes and designs available so you can find the perfect chair. Not only will it be an eye-catcher and radiate a cozy vibe, it will also provide comfort for the one who takes a seat in it. In our assortment you will find stylish armchairs and wide range relaxfauteuils.

That's why you buy a chair at Wiegers XL

Natural chairs available everywhere. Outside our competitive prices, we offer much more at Seafield XL:
  • Have a chair mounted, unpacking and removing packaging material is possible. You can order this service extra.
  • dining Chairs, bar stools, pouf and more: our own delivery service delivers all furniture to your home. Our delivery staff are ready for you, always with a smile.
  • Is something going wrong?? We are happy to think along with you for a suitable solution.
  • Ask or order a chair? Call or (Video)chatting with an advisor in the store is possible.

You can order a cheap chair at Wiegers XL

Whether you are from rural, industrial or modern, we have a chair that suits your living requirements. View all types of chairs in our webshop and order directly online. If in stock, we will deliver the chair to your home quickly. Prefer to test a chair? Visit our spacious furniture store in Asten. Throughout the year our furniture store is filled with the latest models and trends chairs. See you soon in Asten, the coffee is ready!