Mango wood coffee tables

Mango wood coffee tables from Wakefield XL

Fan of an industrial interior, but the prices of the furniture are disappointing? Mango wood allows you to create an industrial look in your interior in an easy and affordable way.
It is not for nothing that mango wood is very popular nowadays. A mango wood coffee table is affordable, firmly, durable and has a nice warm look. In addition, all coffee tables are unique due to the shades of colour in the wood. Your table is also really one-of-a-kind.
Because of our own import, we have many coffee tables in stock. Order directly in our webshop or visit our showroom in Asten.

The advantages of a mango coffee table

Mango wood is a popular type of wood for the meeting of furniture. The products of this furniture love it. The mango trees are long and thick. This is a guarantee for sturdy shelves. And so also furniture. but, mango wood has many more advantages, such as:
  • Enthusiastic children in the house who sometimes bump into the coffee table? Don't panic, a mango wood coffee table can take a beating.
  • A mango wood coffee table has a playful appearance due to the different shades of colour in the wood.
  • Mango wood is a sustainable choice. The tree is only cut down after it no longer sheds fruit.
  • Mango wood is easy to maintain. A damp cloth over the coffee table is often sufficient.
Furthermore, it is also nice to combine different mango wood furniture with each other. Create your unique living style and combine it with mango box, Dining Tables, sideboards and TV furniture.
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Industrial look with a warm hue

Mango wood is nowadays often combined with black metal. For anyone who would like an industrial interior, is a mango wood coffee table well worth considering. The wood of the mango tree is characterized by beautiful golden yellow shades of color. A mango wood coffee table not only has an industrial look, it also gives a warm look. View the range of coffee tables above and order directly in our webshop.

Buy a mango wood coffee table at Wakefield XL

Wakefield XL in Asten has a wide range of mango wood furniture, similarly coffee tables. In our showroom you will find sets of coffee tables. And because of our own import, these are often also in stock. How to enjoy your new mango wood coffee table today.
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