Mango wood cabinets

Mango wood cabinets from Wakefield XL

Create an industrial look for your interior, but the cost picture is disappointing? With a mango wood cabinet realize in an easy and affordable way that oh so popular industrial look.
It's not for nothing that mango wood is hip! The golden brown hue combined with the strong wood are a perfect match. A cabinet of mango wood brings warmth to the room, looks cool and has a nostalgic look. View our products above or visit our showroom in Asten.

The advantages of mango wood cabinets

Mango wood is not for nothing a welcome guest in the flourishing furniture industry. The mango trees are long and thick. This is a guarantee for sturdy shelves.
But there's more:
  • Pets or children who bump into the closet in an enthusiastic mood? Don't panic, because the mango wood cabinet is a strong type of wood;
  • Mango wood cabinet black or a cabinet made of wood and mental? Many variations are possible;
  • A mango wood cabinet has a playful appearance due to the different colors that can be seen in the wood.
  • Buy a high cupboard mango wood? That is a sustainable choice. The wood is only used when wood can no longer be used for food production;
  • The base of mango wood is the same, but shades are common;
  • The cabinet requires very little maintenance. Dusting with a slightly damp or completely dry cloth is sufficient.
Did you know that we have more offer furniture made of mango wood? For example, a mango wood cabinet can be combined well with mango wood TV furniture.

That's why you buy a mango wood cabinet from Wakefield XL

A mango wood cabinet brings, as just mentioned, many advantages. Of course you can easily buy such a cabinet from other companies. Only at Wakefield XL do we take a slightly different approach. This is reflected in our service.
Not only before the purchase are we ready for you, but also after the purchase we think along. This way you will receive a maintenance advice from one of the employees when purchasing the cabinet.
That's not all we do.:
  • If desired, we will deliver the cabinet neatly to your home. At a small extra cost we can also mount the cabinet.
  • Perhaps after the purchase you are unexpectedly dissatisfied with the way things are going. When you contact us, we always come up with concrete solutions.
  • Call or (Video)chatting with one of our advisors in the store is no problem at all. So feel free to ask your question!
  • Did you know that we too mango wood sideboards sell and deliver them to your home? This way you don't have to worry about transport.

Questions? We're here for you.

As you read, a mango wood cabinet gives an industrial, cool touch to your interior.
Has your curiosity been aroused, but you have a question? Then take direct contact On!