Mango Wood Furniture

The latest trend: mango wood furniture

Furniture of mango wood: totally hot! This type of wood gives every interior a tough and industrial look in no time. They are super versatile, suitable for every budget, and also incredibly sustainable.
At Wiegers XL you have a choice of a wide range of mango wood furniture.
How about a beautiful tv Cabinet, Cabinet, coffee table or mango wood dining table?
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More about mango wood furniture

As the name suggests, comes mango wood from the mango tree. These trees have been badly washed out. They are 40 metres high and four metres wide. The size of the mango tree has one big advantage: you simply remove large shelves and parts and then create robust and sturdy pieces of furniture.
In addition, the mango tree is only cut down when the tree no longer carries fruit. Good for the environment!
Read also our blog about the properties of mango wood. Here we go even further into what mango wood is and how to maintain it.

Versatile wood

Mango wood is extremely versatile and therefore suitable for many different purposes. Because it is a strong and durable material, you can also enjoy your furniture for an extra long time. Children or pets playing? No problem at all. Mango wood furniture can take a beating.
Combine the warm wood with its complex, recognizable grain structure with black metal details for that industrial look.
Get more inspiration? Take a look at our blog.

Industrial look

Mango wood is nowadays often combined with black metal. For anyone who would like an industrial interior, are mango furniture well worth considering. Since the mango tree supplies fruit first and then wood, the wood of this tree is relatively cheap.
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Curious about the collection?
Wiegers XL has a showroom in Asten of such a 2500 square meters. Here you will find our complete range of mango wood cabinets, coffee tables, dressers and side tables. Many items are available directly from stock and are delivered to your home free of charge.
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