Oak furniture

Outdated furniture is not a face. Scratches, cracks and discoloration are a thorn in the side. This way you do not enjoy your interior. Or maybe you're looking for new, attractive furniture for your newly purchased house.
Recognizable? Choose oak furniture. These durable furniture can easily be 20 to 25 year and have a warm appearance.

Why oak furniture?

Oak chairs show off in many houses, cabinets and, for example, tables. It's not for nothing that oak furniture is so loved. Oak has a natural look due to the fine grain and the changing shades. Oak radiates warmth. But there's a lot more:
  • Solid oak furniture can take a beating. Oak furniture shows no wear and tear during years of use.
  • Oak wood is durable and the quality does not deteriorate.
  • You can use the furniture both indoors and outdoors.
  • Furniture oaks are easy to combine with other styles. An industrial or botanical atmosphere in your home? Great to combine with oak furniture!
  • Due to the different types of coloured oak, oak furniture always suits your interior. For example, you have white oak and red oak.
  • Oak is hard. Shrinking or pulling? It doesn't..

Maintenance furniture oak

Maybe now you're really excited about oak furniture, but are you with the maintenance in your stomach. Unnecessary worries, because the maintenance is absolutely not complicated.
These are the three things to look out for when maintaining oak furniture:
  1. Dusting with a slightly damp cloth is sufficient. Do not use abrasive or biting cleaning agents. They damage the oak.
  2. Treat the furniture a few times a year with a maintenance agent. How to maintain the colour and appearance of the oak.
  3. Be careful of the oak and opt for a suitable maintenance product.
As you read, maintenance of the furniture is not higher mathematics. Learn more about furniture maintenance? Or curious about the benefits of our other products? Then take a look at our blog section for answers to your questions.

Buy oak furniture from Wakefield XL

Yes, oak furniture can be purchased in many places. Of course we offer the lowest price guarantee, but Wakefield XL is so much more! Here's what we hear from customers why they choose us:
  • Upon purchase, one of our employees gives extensive maintenance advice. The use of the right maintenance product is essential.
  • We are the dealer of Oranje Furniture Care. This is the leading supplier of furniture maintenance care products. They carefully test the products in laboratories.
  • Assembling furniture, unpacking and disposing of packaging materials is possible! This is not included by default and must be indicated in advance.
  • If desired, we will deliver the oak furniture neatly to your home. So you don't have to worry if everything fits in the car or on the trailer.
  • Is something going wrong?? You won't be sent to the wall cabinet., but we immediately think along.
  • Call or (Video)chatting with an advisor in the store is possible!

Opt for atmosphere furniture oak

Can't wait to decorate your house?? Logical, feeling comfortable in your home is incredibly important.
Questions about which oak furniture suits you best? Find out immediately and contact our customer service.