Custom Teak Wakefield XL

You will find our range of teak furniture great, only you can not find the right size or model? Then we make this teak furniture just for you! Whether on a teak table, you just what narrower, wider, higher or lower would have, or a teak Cabinet, everything we make custom choice, No problem! Also you can indicate your wishes regarding the kind of teak that we are going to use, of smooth teak, rustic teak to old recycled teak. Also, you can also specify which custom work on your teak handles, Panel or plinth you prefer. And that everything from solid teak wood, against the very lowest price! With us you pay for custom made teak furniture so never too much!

These are examples of items that we can make for you:

  • Teak wood cabinet custom
  • Teak chairs custom
  • Teak TV cabinet customization
  • Custom teak bookcase
  • Custom teak sideboard
  • Custom teak Girls closet
  • Custom teak bedtime
  • Custom teak coffee table
  • Custom teak dining table
  • Teak display cabinet custom
  • Teak side table, custom
  • Teak side table custom
  • Teak garden table custom
  • Teak Grutters Cabinet custom

For more information you can always email us or the form below filling out, also to make an appointment to the customization in our showroom with 1 of our staff to discuss.

Sketches of custom Teak by Wakefield XL

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