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Proper care extends the life of your piece of furniture!

When buying a piece of furniture you will receive a maintenance advice. A wooden piece of furniture with a lacquer finish has a different care than a wooden piece of furniture with an oil finish. So there are also different leather types each with its own maintenance advice. For optimal care of your piece of furniture we have a wide range of maintenance products in home! Click here for our range of maintenance products.

Maintenance advice

To new furniture in optimum condition to retain the use of the correct maintenance essential. We therefore advise you to treat your furniture at least once every six months with the proposed care product.

We are dealer of Orange Furniture Care. The high-quality care products they produce we sell in our showroom and are available for purchase online! Orange Furniture Care is over the years has grown to become a leading supplier in the field of personal care products for furniture maintenance. The products are developed in our own laboratory, tested and produced. They provide a complete range of furniture care products. They also offer various other materials such as felt, repair resources, etc.

Tips and advice

  • Set your furniture not constantly exposed to direct sun- and natural light. All materials discolour after some time
  • Do not place your furniture against a heat source such as a stove or radiator, This prevents dehydration or sear damage
  • New furniture you can make stain-resistant and dirt repellent with the use of a proposed maintenance product
  • Never go on a sofa are. There are often webbing, rozag-feathers or a cardboard plate processed in the session. By weight can break or lose its firmness that material
  • Leave no pets on the furniture
  • Never treat the material with an aggressive cleaning agent (Green SOAP, detergent etc.). When using these is damage or hardening of the material on term unavoidable
  • When cleaning the material this always good just one wipe with a dry cloth. When you do not do the moisture will be included in the material making hardening will occur. When hardening of the material will eventually go the top layer crack or even los go let
  • Make your furniture weekly clean with a vacuum cleaner and a so-called furniture nozzle (small sand particles provide an abrasive operation whereby the dust Express will wear out)
  • If the furniture is equipped with separate cushions, beat it regularly on. This keeps the form better preserved
  • In order to make your fabric stain working and dirt-repellent you can choose the (Let) impregnation of the fabric. This makes stains much easier to remove
  • In the case of stains, never rub but blotting to remove the stain
  • Leather is a low-maintenance, but no maintenance-free product. It is a natural product and has power supply needed
  • Maintenance the leather at least twice a year with the proposed maintenance product
  • Please note at jeans clothing, Denim may run
  • With the right Leather Care Kit allows you to a piece of furniture thoroughly clean, protect and optimal care. You can learn equipped with a durable protective layer making it easier to clean leather furniture is. In addition, the care set also the right food to the flexibility of the leather in optimal condition. Clean, take care and protect it at least twice a year
  • Wood is a living material: It expands and contracts under the influence of the air humidity. The ideal air humidity fluctuates between 40% and 60%. At a higher or lower humidity will the furniture go tearing. Especially in the winter months the humidity drop sharply as a result of heating your home. Therefore, always try to keep the humidity arrow, for example by water reservoirs to the cv radio tower to hang
  • Wood is a natural product that is the country of origin, After a careful selection, the traditional way has been processed. It is unique and characteristic in every respect; no single piece of wood is equal by shape, structure or color, so colour variations even within one piece of furniture are unavoidable. Wind cracks,crazing, blemishes and the presence of large and small knobs attest to years of growth and originality. Color differences among themselves and in relation to the showroom model are therefore not excluded
  • Use for normal maintenance of your furniture a soft cloth. When necessary, you can adjust the furniture with a damp cloth. Rub the furniture always dry
  • Move objects on the wood regularly to prevent discoloration
  • To avoid unnecessary large press the connections, We recommend to place your furniture on a flat surface. If necessary, fill up with felt to make sure your furniture is level
  • Regular maintenance for a longer life, preference will be given to at least twice a year

The quality of our product and your satisfaction about it are our top priority. If you have any questions or comments about our products, Please contact your dealer.

Maintenance of wooden furniture

There are several mogelijkhedenom to protect your wooden furniture which the lifetime is extended.

Sealer gives your furniture eenbijna colorless protective layer. By means of a seal layer of your furniture is water and dirt repellent. You need the bottle shake well before use, though this kantot 10 min last! Make sure that you have some ivmdruppen on your floor. You can apply the sealer with an old t-shirt or not pluizendedoek. After the first treatment you should about 3 hours wait until you make eentweede protective layer. This is necessary on dining room tables and salontafelsomdat here the most on is spilled. Please notice with fats and salt!

Oil has about the same features as the sealer. You must also make him the same way. Oliewordt, In contrast to the sealer, through the wood to remove is sucked up and daarommoeilijker. You can obtain the oils with us in many verschillendekleuren making your piece of furniture a beautiful look and feel.

You must track the oils and sealenregelmatig!

If you chose heeftuw teak furniture by letting us squirt then your piece of furniture is maintenance-free. You can decrease your piece of furniture with a slightly damp cloth. Please note No chemischemiddelen!

Maintenance leather furniture

We also have several care products for leather furniture that increase the life of. So you can optionally choose a service & guaranteed pakketvoor the duration of 5 year. This service offers you security for your new seating furniture,professional help in emergencies, 100% warranty on the construction,professional assistance in spots and optimal protection.