Creating shade in the garden, our advice

The first rays of sunshine now shine on the pavement and although we are far from tired of them, it is useful to think about shadow spots. Especially if we re-imagine the warm summer of 2019 mind.

In this blog we give you some tips on how to create shade in the garden, to make it the ideal summer spot.

Use umbrellas

Parasols are a handy garden accessory to have. There are several models of umbrellas available, so there is always one that fits perfectly in your garden. For example, there are stick umbrellas, standing umbrellas and hover umbrellas. In addition, they are also available in different colours.

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Hang up a sun sail

Another option to make your garden summerproof is by hanging a shade cloth or a sunsail.

These canvases, mostly made of cotton or polyester, you can secure hooks and ropes over the desired surface. This gives you always a corner where you can hide from the sun. Moreover, you can reuse these canvases as often as you want, sustainable, then!

Roof trees in your garden

You can also choose a natural solution to stop the sun. Roof trees are anno 2020 very hip and are a sustainable alternative.

Besides the fact that they stop sun, they are very atmospheric and they like your garden. However, roof trees do require maintenance. For example, they have to be pruned a number of times a year and the leaves have to be picked off the ground once in a while.

If you don't know which tree species suits you best? The following species are suitable for any garden: the plane tree, the mulberry, the silver lime and tulip tree.

Advice needed for shade in your garden?

Would you like personal expert advice specifically aimed at your garden? We are happy to help you and give you even more tips on how to create shade in your garden.

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