Cleaning wooden furniture: Our tips

Do you wonder how best to clean wooden furniture? It's not hard, but requires a specific way of working.

Wood is a fragile material and you wouldn't be the first to use too aggressive cleaning products. That's why we're giving you some useful cleaning tips in this blog.

This way you can clean your wooden furniture effectively, without damaging them!

Cleaning wooden furniture that stands outside

Have you opted for wooden garden furniture? Chances are this teak wood is: a popular type of wood for outdoor furniture, for example, for a table or a sofa.

Weather conditions (such as the Uv radiation from the sun) teak wood can turn a little grey or even green.

If you teak furniture maintains once in a while, you can do much longer with them and they also stay a lot nicer. Below we explain how best to do that.

Cleaning teak wood

We take as an example a teak. Teak banks are often outside and the top layer of wood often suffers a lot of damage due to rain, for example, snow or Uv radiation from the sun.

You can prevent this by doing the following twice a year:

  • Start by protecting the surface on which you're going to work, for example with an old sheet. It's a shame if oil or detergent fall on your stones or wooden surface: this creates ugly circles and places.
  • Clean the teak sofa with a mixture of soda and water. Use approximately 250 grams of soda per bucket of hot water. Everything polished? Rinse the bank well, so that all the soda remains are gone.
  • Then wash the teak bank with a cap of hot water and mild cleanser, such as all-purpose cleaner or dishwashing liquid. Make sure you have had the whole surface. With this you get the old oil (of the top layer of wood) off the teak bank. Then you can lightly sand the sofa and with a new oil, Treating stain or Boenwax

Cleaning oak and mango wood

In addition to teak furniture, Wakefield XL also sells oak furniture and mango wood. These types of wood are also easy to clean and treat, although in a different way.

Teak furniture is used for both indoors and outdoors, this applies to a lesser extent to oak and mango wood furniture. Are your wooden furniture inside? Then, once in a while, it is sufficient to do so with lukewarm water.

For oak and mangowood furniture that are outside, it's best to make a cap with hot water and a mild cleanser. Soda can also be used for these types of wood: this depends on how dirty the furniture has become.

Pay attention with soda: Oak and mango wood are softer than teak, so cleaning with soda can produce different results. Therefore, always try out your cap first on an invisible surface.

Use No high pressure cleaner for cleaning wooden furniture

On some websites you'll find tips that explain that you can clean wooden furniture using a high pressure cleaner.

Please note: We strongly advise against this. By the high pressure wood suffers a lot of damage and this allows for any unevenness in the surface.

After cleaning follows feeding

After cleaning your wooden furniture, it is important to feed the wood again. Lightly sand the surface and treat the wood with an oil or stain.

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