Create a durable and responsible interior with these tips

Through the media, we are increasingly informed about things like deforestation, forest fires and other natural disasters around the world.

Of course we wonder what about furniture. Wooden furniture still fits a sustainable lifestyle? And where does our wood actually come from??

We would like to tell you more about this in this blog. In this blog you will find two golden tips for creating a sustainable and responsible interior.

Tip 1: The FSC label for sustainable wood in your interior

If you want to make sure your wooden furniture is durable, pay attention to the so-called FSC label. This quality mark guarantees us that the forests are preserved by responsible forest management.

For example, around the hood- and processing process of FSC certified wood in view of the protection of plants and animals. It also detours the local population and workers in a respectful manner.

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For us, the FSC label is very important. We like to contribute to more sustainable wood production with our furniture.

Do you want that, too? Always check if the wood you buy is also FSC certified.

Own factory, with sustainable materials

For our own factory we let containers full of teak furniture come to the Netherlands every year. All sustainable wood that is FSC certified. That makes a big difference!

Not just the teak wood furniture which Wiegers XL sells are labelled with an FSC, all paper materials used within the company also have this label. Of the paper sheets for the administration, to the voucher booklets used in the showroom.

By purchasing only paper with the FSC label, we are sure that our wood and paper is produced responsibly.

Producing furniture is our passion, but that must never be at the expense of the environment.

Tip 2: Invest in furniture that lasts a long time: this is also sustainable!

A sustainable interior is not just about the sustainable furniture you buy. It also means that you buy products that last a long time, so you don't have to buy new furniture less often.

So don't buy a completely new interior every few years: invest in timeless furniture that lasts a long time. At Wiegers XL we are happy to help you with personal advice.

For example, are you looking for a material that looks like wood, but needs less maintenance? Consider Lamulux!

Lamulux furniture for a durable interior

In addition to teak furniture, plastic furniture is also increasingly popular. Plastic furniture from, for example, the Lamulux series is almost indistinguishable from real wood and can be ordered in different sizes and colours.

Lamulux furniture is maintenance-free and scratch resistant. That makes it sustainable, because this furniture lasts a long time.

Curious about our range?

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Do you think it is important that your interior is ecologically sound, and are you looking for a tailor-made advice? Wiegers XL can help you with that.

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