An interior trend that you can really see all over the last time is the industrial look. Using solid blades, Iron details and the right accessories, you can also give your interior an industrial touch. In This blog we give you 5 Practical tips to create an industrial interior.

1. A dining table with iron base

The perfect way to make your interior as industrially as possible is by finding a dining table with an iron base. Different color underlay are possible: of Black, Weathered Black, White to Copper. In addition, you can also choose from different types of iron frames. Think of an X-leg, for example, A U-leg or a spider leg. To complete the dining area you can also Dining Table Chairs Choosing with a metal base. There are also numerous variants available.

2. Choose a solid wood leaf

Do you really want to finish the industrial look in the dining room? Choose a solid wood table top. A solid wood leaf often has a robust and sturdy appearance. The best is if you still see the veins and knots of the tree. You can choose from the wood types of teak or oak in a solid wood sheet for the right effect. The advantage of such blades is that they each have a real warm appearance. Also dining tables of mango-, Soar- and beech wood have an industrial look.

3. Go Oval!

If you are a bit aware of the latest furniture trends then you may not have missed him: The Oval Table! He is back again and also at Wiegers XL you can shop him! You can choose different versions: Wood or plastic.

Also the oval table can give you an industrial touch. Think of the popular spider leg chassis, for example. With this you have more room to sit with a big company to the table.

4. Soft Industrial Furniture

Do you prefer to play safe? Our extensive Lamulux collection offers plastic furniture with a subtle wood look. These furniture are maintenance-free and scratch-resistant, Because they are made of plastic. This makes the soft industrial furniture very suitable for households with (Young) Children.

Even though these plastic furniture are, They are often not distinguishable from real wood. In addition, various metal accents have been added to some of these housing programmes. This gives eyes to the tables, (Bar)box, sideboards, TV Cabinets and Salon boxes Paly stoer.

5. Industrial Accessories

An industrial interior falls or stands with the accessories you add. For example, put a hip armchair with iron details in a corner of the room. Or choose a standing lamp that makes your living room or bedroom just a bit more stoer. Lamps play a big role in creating an industrial look. With us in the showroom you will find the nicest industrial lamps, That make your interior attractive.

More tips and advice?

Would you like to learn more about how you can dress your interior as industrially as possible? Then come along in Our showroom. Our sales staff are happy to help you. Or shop 24 Hours a day of industrial furniture through our webshop.

The days are shorter and the leaves fall again from the trees. That means it's time to spend more evenings indoors. Time for Candles, Blankets, The fireplace and extra cosiness in the house. Now that you are more inside, You might look at your interior with a different look.

Can your interior use a warmer decoration? New accessories often do a lot and can give your home a whole new look.

You can also tackle it more: Go for new furniture! In this blog we give you different interior tips to get the autumn in your home!

Give your interior more colour!

Autumn-like weather creates a magical landscape outside, Everything turns brown, Yellow and red. These autumnal colors do it very well inside too. Adding these colors will make your home really live and feel warm instantly.

Ochre Yellow

For example, choose the color ochre yellow. This warm autumn shade is good to combine in an industrial interior. With an Eyecatcher, such as An ochre chair, Make your interior a piece of knusher in a jiffy.

Earth Tones

Go this autumn for attractive earthy tones. The Colours Anthracite, Rust Brown and beige provide a friendly and homely atmosphere. The colours fit perfectly with a rural, Modern or classic interior. A sofa set, a armchair Or a set of dining chairs in earthy tones create a cosy atmosphere.

Cognac & Olive

Also this autumn we are certainly not yet looked forward to the colours cognac and olive. Cognac and olive are beautiful warm colors, Which are easy to combine with ochre yellow, Orange and Grey. The colors eyes luxury and are timeless, So you can go ahead for years. You can really see the colours everywhere, As in wall paint, Curtains, chairs, armchairs, Benches and stools.


Go Velvet!

Maybe you have to get used to it a bit, But Velvet is no longer thinking away from the interior. Velvet has a soft and warm look, With which it fits very well in autumn.

Velvet furniture is available in all possible colours. Choose a bright color like ochre yellow, Blue, Pink or Green, When you want to go for a real eye-catcher.

Do you find a bright color something too risky? Then go for a more secure tint, such as Anthracite, Taupe or Brown. These colors give the same warm appearance but are easier to combine with other furniture.


Spacious interior

Now the temperatures are no longer so tropical, Can we focus on the colder period that is going to come. A tidy house can help to empty your head and give rest.

De herfst is het ideale moment om lekker binnen aan de slag te gaan en je interieur op te ruimen. Opruimen betekent niet weggooien, dus zorg voor voldoende opbergmogelijkheden. Berg rondslingerend speelgoed bijvoorbeeld op in een leuke rieten mand. De rommel is dan het uit zicht, maar de spullen zijn wel binnen handbereik.

Ben je uitgekeken op jouw meubels? Opruimen kan ook het vervangen van je meubels betekenen. Nieuwe meubels zorgen voor nieuwe energie in je woning.


Wiegers XL: wonen voor een zacht prijsje

Wil jij de herfst in huis halen? Dit hoeft niet duur te zijn. Bij Wiegers XL vind je altijd de laagste prijs en de beste service. Of je nu kiest voor een eetkamerstoel, een teakhouten eetkamertafel, een bankstel of een compleet woonprogramma, bij Wiegers XL vind je de beste prijzen.

Order easily online or visit our showroom in Asten. Wij helpen je graag onder het genot van een kopje koffie of thee.

Do you know that feeling? You have on tv or in a magazine a very interior view collection seen, but in the store you'll find out that it's all far too big. Annoying huh! But be never mind, because Wakefield XL has the solution.

In this blog we give 5 Tips to get the most out of your minimal living room to pick up.


1. Mountain stuff on

You have a small living room? And would you like to like to Setup? Consider a visit to the various storage options. The first thing you can do is make sure that minimize loose stuff hurling through space. This allows you to the living room up to twice the size make it seem!

Give your room a hefty upgrade by chests of drawers or a television to use furniture. This prevents seeing loose cables, remote controls or other components.

For other stuff you can have a look for a fun Wicker basket.

2. Use corner furniture

The are often not the most convenient spaces in your living room, but corners offer plenty of storage options. Each living room has multiple angles and thereby you also have several options for something fun to do here.

Think of a teak- or oak end table. In addition, a colored footstool is also a nice option. Who can visit always come in handy.

You can also go a step further, Because maybe your living room some extra life. In this case, a House plant a good option to brighten up your entire living room.

Put a plant on a corner Cabinet and you catch two birds with one stone.

Another option is a corner tv Cabinet, so you can place your TV in the corner. This keeps you in the rest of the room space for other nice stuff.

Top idea, yet?

3. Keep your space airy

Nothing makes so fast for a full space for robust and large furniture. If your living room is small, we recommend therefore to to for quiet and especially not to large furniture to choose.

Our Gold tip if it comes to tighter spaces:
"Make sure you furniture light."


This can be done by a bank to take on legs. As a result, you will see more floor space and you will soon get the idea that a space is larger. The same applies to cabinets and tv furniture.

Look at the Claudia-program. This retro look will give your living room a spacious atmosphere and is also very hip!

It is certainly worth a good look at your current chairs to look. They let light through or are they right down to the ground covered with fabric? Otherwise it is advisable to look for other chairs. A trend you now see everywhere is the industrial look. The sturdy design and steel legs allow you to look under the table or chair by.

4. Choose one style

Do you want to get everything out of your interior? Choose one style. When the furniture together, seems to be a room much more orderly and therefore much larger. As mentioned before is a trend in 2019 the industrial Interior. Using steel and dark (teak)wood can a renewed living room as in the next edition of VT-living end up.

Useful our living programs where you have your complete furniture set in one order. An example of this are the Lamulux-programs. This program is offered in various designs and colors. The advantage of this full set, is that you always have furniture that belong together.

If you've got an instant tv furniture, dining table, coffee table and matching cabinets! In addition, you have the choice of different sizes. Therefore there is always something that fits in your home.

5. Let custom furniture making

You still have not found what you were looking for or have you found something nice but was the correct size is not? Consider a visit to customization.

At Wakefield XL you can custom tailor your furniture, exactly like you want them. Together we make a sketch, after which we will send a quote. After this you can decide whether you want to order the product or not.

Looking for small living room inspiration

A fully furnished living room doesn't have to be expensive. Whether you choose a sofa set, corner sofa, armchair, relaxing Chair, eetkamertafel, dining room chairs, at Wakefield XL you will find the best prices.

Because we have our own factories in Indonesia, We can custom tailor everything. In addition, we buy a lot of our stuff in container, which means that we maintain the lowest prices of Netherlands.

Curious? Take a look at or visit our showroom in Asten for expert advice.

Probably you are currently enjoying the great weather, so is your head not to furniture maintenance and watch here.

However, it is important to know how you (Garden)furniture can maintain the best. And maybe you're also faster than you had thought.

Below we give you several tips on how to self during the warm summer months you within- and outdoor furniture can spoil.

Maintenance steel furniture

Have you selected a steel base or chairs with steel legs? It may be that sometimes you see what filth on the matte black surface. Maybe you have pets that leave hair or are there any leftover food to stuck.

All these little weaknesses, and are easy to remove. Soapy water with water at room temperature and all purpose cleaner ensures that your industrial look as good as new is. In addition, you can repeat this ritual as often as needed.

Teak maintenance

Did you choose teak wood outdoor, for example, a teak table or a teak? By weather conditions and Uv-radiation from the Sun can this furniture a bit gray or even green seem.

By once in a while these furnishings to maintain, You can do and keep them there much longer Furthermore, more beautiful. Below we explain how to get started.

We take as an example a teak. Teak benches that stand out on the top layer of wood often suffer much damage from e.g. rain, Snow or radiation from the sun. This can be remedied by doing the following twice a year.

First you complete the whole bench with mixture of soda and water. Then repeat this action with a warm water soapand mild detergent. Make sure you have had the whole surface.

As a result, the old oil of the upper layer of wood from the teak bench falls off. Then you can lightly stir it up and with a new oil, Treating stain or Boenwax. If you need teak oil, Through our webshop you can easily Kettler Teak Oil Order. Also our Golden Care TeakShield Works well to protect your teak furniture.

Don't forget to look for a good surface before you start, otherwise it can be that the remains of the oils and cleaners on a stone floor or wood surface fall, This provides circles and ugly places.

Please note! On some Web sites you will find tips that explain that your teak furniture can maintained by them with a pressure washer to clean. This we recommend not to. By the high pressure wood suffers a lot of damage and this allows for any unevenness in the surface.

Maintenance lounge set

Just bought a lounge set or are you still looking for a nice lounge set? A lounge set is the most ideal garden accessory in terms of maintenance. Because the wickerwork is made of plastic and the frame of aluminum, you have cleaned your set very quickly and easily.

A little water and possibly a soapa sand, Grass or other dirt to get away, And your lounge set shines again as new! Extra easy to use is our Wicker Cleaner, You can order through our webshop. Repeat this once in a while and then you are guaranteed a lounge set that stays beautiful for a long time.

In winter we recommend to store the cushions inside. This will keep the cushions dry and no mold will be trapped. This way you have the pleasure of kissing and the best seating comfort for longer.

Parasol Covers

Whether you have opted for a gliding parasol, Stick parasol or a free hanging parasol, Chances are that you are now enjoying the wonderfully cool shade.

However, your parasol can also be dirty due to weather conditions or leaves. The better you keep your parasol clean, The longer you can have fun.

Do you have a light parasol and there is a dirt on it? You can then finish the sail of the parasol with water at room temperature. Do not use cleaning agents, This ensures that the watertight layer of the sail is washed off.

Special covers have been developed for the different models of parasols. Should it be worse again straight away then it is wise to purchase a cover for your parasol.

This cover protects your parasol against water, sand and other substances that can make dirty or even harm the cloth. Moreover, your parasol as dry. Please note that your parasol not damp when you see this in the sleeve does. Otherwise, the parasol will moldy.

At Wakefield XL you can find different parasol covers. Below is a selection from our assortment. Take a look at our Web shop or visit our showroom. We'll be happy to help!

Advice on furniture maintenance needed?

Above you have seen several tips on maintaining some furniture. Do you have any further questions?

At Wiegers XL you can go for expert advice on (Garden)Furniture and their maintenance. Come and visit our showroom and we'll gladly help you! We are also happy to speak to you by phone. We can be reached via 0493 – 670910.

Due to expansion of our work, we are looking for a:
All-round employee (full time)

Wakefield XL is expanding and we are looking for a hard working centipede! At Wakefield XL do you work in a friendly team, where there is always room for a joke or nonsense. In your position you actually can be used anywhere. So you might have one day manage inventory in the warehouse or perform repairs, and the day after in the showroom furniture sells. Furthermore, we have a private delivery service, so you will also be sent to customers to rejoice with their purchase. Wakefield XL offers you a dynamic workplace where flexibility comes in handy. In short, our new colleague can independently getting started, is customer-oriented and a cosy addition for our growing team.

Function requirements:

  • Willing to work weekends
  • Large degree of independence and flexibility
  • Experience with Automation in a warehouse is an advantage

What we offer:

  • You will be working in an informal cosy family business.
  • A competitive salary
  • You have plenty of development opportunities
  • Per direct full-time getting started.

Are you interested?
Please fill out the form below!

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Wiegers XL

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Yes! It is really hot, so that means it is time to go to the garden in! We call on it for some time, the summer temperatures are approaching.

By this we mean not the nice spring weather, but the real summer on the sidewalk. Sit outside or sunbathe. Social gathering with friends, family or your neighbors. The dust can of the barbecue. But how do you make your garden well really zomerklaar? We give you tips!

By this we mean not the nice spring weather, but the real summer on the sidewalk. Sit outside or sunbathe. Social gathering with friends, family or your neighbors. The dust can of the barbecue. But how do you make your garden well really zomerklaar? We give you tips!

Make your garden zomerklaar

If you are already in possession of a garden furniture set, we recommend you to clean your set first.

You can do this simple with a hand brush and look and warm soapy water with all-purpose cleaner. Even dusting, a wet cloth over it and drying. Nice clean chairs for new pillows.

Tip: In need of a new set of garden furniture or another beautiful addition to your garden? Breng een bezoekje aan onze site of showroom. Wij adviseren je graag.

Haal binnen naar buiten

De uitspraak ‘haal binnen naar buiten’ kan natuurlijk ook andersom gebruikt worden, maar in dit geval brengen we wat huiselijkheid mee naar buiten in je tuin.

Wat dacht je van verschillende soorten kussens voor je tuinmeubelen. Kussens zijn namelijk niet alleen functioneel om op te zitten, ze kunnen ook ter decoratie toegevoegd worden voor wat meer sfeer. Hiermee geef je kleur aan je loungeset of je stoelen.

Wij zijn benieuwd waar jij voor kiest. Bonte kleuren of toch liever pastel en natuurlijke tinten?

Lelijke tuintegels?

Klaar met je huidige tegels die in de tuin liggen, maar geen zin om nieuwe te leggen met als gevolg een huis vol zand? Je kunt je tegels ook een kleurtje geven. Zo creëer je een compleet andere look.

Maar denk ook eens aan een buitenkleed. Deze zijn gemakkelijk schoon te houden en kun je gewoon laten liggen. Of bijvoorbeeld een kleed van riet of een Perzische tapijt maakt je tuin gelijk een stuk spannender.

Voeg groen toe aan je tuin!

Een oase van rust, dat is wat je wil als je in je tuin zit. Groen helpt hierbij! Heb je wat minder groene vingers? Ga dan voor verschillende plantenbakken met perkgoed. Deze zijn gemakkelijk in onderhoud, maar wel erg leuk om te zien.

Plaats een parasol

De zon is heerlijk, maar ook erg gevaarlijk. Wij adviseren daarom om jezelf en anderen goed te beschermen tegen de zon en de hitte. Heb je een tuin met veel zon? Zorg dat je dan veel schaduwplekken creëert. Hier kun je even bijkomen, gezellig lunchen of dineren, een goed boek lezen of werken.

Schaduwplekken kun je creëren door een parasol te plaatsen in je tuin. Er zijn verschillende soorten parasols waar je uit kunt kiezen. Zo heb je naast de standaard parasols ook bijvoorbeeld de zweefparasol, waarbij de voet aan de zijkant staat. Erg handig en makkelijk te kantelen.

Lekker genieten op een ligbed

Niets is fijner dan zonnen op een ligbed. Van teak of kunststof, er is voor ieder wat wils. Met ligstoelen in de tuin heb je een fijne plek om écht te genieten van het buitenleven en uit te rusten van al je bezigheden. Ga lekker alleen genieten of samen om even bij te kletsen. Wiegers XL heeft een uitgebreide collectie aan Sun beds, bekijk ze in onze webshop.


Genieten van warme zomeravonden tot in de late uren, is iets wat we allemaal zo graag doen. Lekker met een borrel erbij, heerlijk genieten! Het is dan wel zo fijn als je dan ook nog wat kunt ziet! Maak een lichtplan voor je tuin en verlicht met grondverlichting je mooiste ornamenten en planten.

Maar ook een snoer festival lampjes zijn heel sfeervol. In verschillende kleuren of met warm wit licht. Met verlichting maak je echt een feestje van je tuin. Overige leuke ideeën voor tuinverlichting zijn lampionnetjes op zonne-energie of bijvoorbeeld lange kaarsen in lege flessen. Of zet een citronella kaarsje op je tuintafel voor sfeervol licht. Blijven alle muggen en andere insecten ook meteen bij je uit de buurt.

Meer advies om je tuin zomerklaar te maken?

So, nu kun je aan de slag met het zomerklaar maken van je tuin. Wil je graag nog meer tips of advies voor de inrichting van je tuin? We'll be happy to help! We zijn altijd bereikbaar, telefonisch of via de chatbox hier op de onze site. Uiteraard ben je ook altijd welkom voor een bezoek aan onze showroom.

Just a little and it's that time again: summer! We have been in long enough and now it's finally time to enjoy our gardens. The question now is only, How do you write a garden in? You go for a clean look? Or are you a fan of a more rural feel?

What you taste is also, for all types of patio furniture are you at Wakefield XL is the right choice. Below we have listed all for inspiration where you can think of to make your outdoor space a real paradise.


Lounge sets are almost impossible to imagine our interior. With the sleek appearance and fine seat cushions of a lounge set can you get the sweet summer nights or by. Lounge sets are not only delicious to sit in, but also very nice to here in away to snooze.

By the water- and dirt-repellent materials of the pillows can you make the most of your lounge set. In addition, the aluminum frame and the plastic mesh file from wind and rain. At Wakefield XL you can find different lounge sets in all shapes and sizes, and all for a small price. Browse through our range of lounge sets.

At the table

In the summer we often take longer time to enjoy eating, drink and the atmosphere around it. Sitting outside is a must! Therefore, for a garden table where you and your whole family can dine cosy.

You can choose for a sleek design, such as a granite table or a table spraystone. Wood is more your thing? Then choose a teak garden table.

Teak is a durable wood commonly used for (outdoor)furniture. At Wakefield XL we have different models in stock, such as the Gaby table or the Ayu table. The robust sheet and associated frame ensure a sturdy look.

Do you have any young children you prefer and go for a table with the minimum of maintenance? We also have different maintenance-friendly or plastics tables in our range.

Think of a polywood table. Polywood looks like wood, but is made of plastic. The polywood sheet is almost indistinguishable from real wood!

Cool chairs

Perhaps even more important than the table, the chairs. You have just chosen nice can sit to your table. Also for garden chairs we have an extensive range. For instance, you can choose from Kettler modes chairs, with which you can sit in any desired attitude.

Or choose a wicker dingingchair in which you can sink into the pillows. This wicker chairs are ideal to maintain, they can from wind and rain and the pillows are a water- and dirt-resistant material made.

Wakefield XL has more than 40 different kinds of garden chairs in her showroom and most garden chairs are just in stock in the warehouse.

Beautiful umbrellas

Even though we have there long enough to wait for, Sometimes we are the Sun just sat. In addition, it is important to protect yourself from the bright rays. On the middle of the day, the sun shines hardest and that's not so good for our skin and eyes.

An umbrella is the perfect solution. You are protected from the Sun and can still enjoy the heat and by you to taste furnished garden. Parasols are available in different colors and sizes, so you always have an umbrella can choose one that suits your style.

Wakefield XL offers different types of parasols, of stick umbrellas to luxury floating umbrellas. Keep in mind when picking out an umbrella where you prefer to have him. On the edge of a table? Or in the middle or perhaps against a roof to.

Next, you decide what size would fit best and what color you like best will find. There is always a parasol for you between.

Garden benches

Garden benches are an underestimated part of our gardens. A garden bench is often just that one perk to your garden. You can use it as a base for different flowers and plants.

Or put a garden bench in front of the House, check out of your front yard so you can enjoy. Look for a tête-à-tête, where the two of you can enjoy the Garden Bench and you have to be able to put something on a table.

Garden furniture maintenance products

Whether you choose a teak table or a lounge set, all items that are exposed to the weather and the Sun have a form of maintenance.

The better you your furniture maintenance, the longer you will have fun there. Fortunately, you can for all types of maintenance products at Wakefield XL right. In our showroom we can provide you with advice.

Covers for patio furniture

You wouldn't think, But even in winter you can come to us for your garden furniture. So we sell different covers in all shapes and sizes that protect your garden furniture.

These covers are of decent quality and ensure that rain, snow and sand no threat to your furniture, because that would be of course a shame. When the weather gets warmer, do you get the cover off and you can shoot with enjoy!

View our range of garden furniture

A nice garden furniture doesn't have to be expensive. Whether you choose a granite sheet, a teak garden table, a garden furniture covers, a luxury umbrella or a complete lounge set, at Wakefield XL you will find the best prices.

Because we have our own factories in Indonesia, We can offer you the best prices. In addition, we buy a lot of our stuff in container, which means that we maintain the lowest prices.

Curious for our garden furniture? Take a look at our webshop or drop by our showroom for expert advice.

Have you searched everywhere for the perfect furniture that fits your interior, But you can't find exactly what you're looking for? Stop searching, For cradlers XL You can make your furniture very easy to customise.

Because we have our own factories in Indonesia, We can make any piece of furniture for you exactly like you want to have it. Much of our furniture is imported and that is why we differ from fixed sizes and dimensions.

You have with us so for example a nice Cabinet seen, But he just doesn't fit into your living room? We make sure that the Cabinet a number of centimeters narrows, So that it fits well.

Custom made furniture is quite easy and you pay nothing extra for customization. Wondering how to make custom furniture in his work? We explain you step by step.

Step 1: Looking for inspiration

The first step in this process is gaining inspiration. What style suits your interior and what exactly did you need? It is important to know what pieces of furniture you need and how to come out to see this.

In our showroom you can find several examples, but also internet sources can help you find the desired look of your piece of furniture.

Step 2: Choose your wood type

The second step in the process is picking out the color of your furniture. Within the wood teak you can choose different colors and shades. So you can choose the classic red teak, Also called ' Pilot Teak '.

Another popular shade to choose from is a shade darker and grayer, Also called ' Ding click '.

You have your furniture, better still a shade darker? Then choose recycled Teak. Get that real dark wood color.

In the context of sustainable wood processing, we also offer recycled teak to that been used before is. With this furniture you see sometimes still paint pieces of the original intended use of the wood back, What a playful effect.

A fourth option is to make a white coating on the wood. You can then choose to have the whole piece of furniture edited with a coating or to show the original wood on certain surfaces.

Step 3: Sketches

Custom Sketch Furniture

The next step is to make a sketch. We make a separate sketch for each piece of furniture. On this sketch are the different dimensions that the piece of furniture should have and what type of wood you have selected. In this sketch, we often also a picture of a similar piece of furniture.

Like the sketch you? We will send him to our factories. On the left you see an example of a sketch for a display cabinet.

Step 4: Manufacture and shipping

End result custom furniture

In our factories in Indonesia is after receiving the sketch worked hard on your piece of furniture. All our teak furniture of teak trees, of which the wood is shipped to factories where the time to dry.

Then the wood is sanded and prepared for processing. With different types of equipment we cut the wood to size. So there are numerous tables in no time, cabinets and sideboards in the factory.

Then the furniture pieces in the oven, so we know for sure that the wood is completely dried. After this the finishing touches to your piece of furniture; any handles or glasses are still posted.

When your piece of furniture all set is, He goes in the next container to Netherlands. The Netherlands will take about six weeks to travel from Indonesia. In these six weeks speed this container to the port of Rotterdam.

Through pre-applied dry bags the contents of the container drooggehouden. This is important, because at sea can increase the humidity. The container comes from the port by truck in our warehouse and we can start with unloading.

Step 5: Enjoy but

Your furniture are within! When the container is checked in with us and, We will call you right away. You may first then come look in the warehouse, but you may also bring your furniture immediately. If we do not have delivery appointment, we will also schedule.

In short, the custom of furniture is actually quite easy. The inspiration and tells us what you want and we will do the rest. Of sketching to the transport. All so that you can enjoy furnishings that are right for your taste and interior décor.

Furniture or fun

Did you know that we also can make existing furniture? Have you seen a teak table, for example, in our showroom and is this just too big or too high? We entertained him free of charge for you.

Are you interested to your furniture(s) custom made or entertain? Please contact us for a quote or fill out the application form at the bottom of this page in with all your requirements and wishes. We will be pleased to help you!

Have you already have years of the same Interior in your bedroom and you're not completely satisfied about the décor? Or are you just moved and your bedroom practical from an old bed with what moving boxes as bedside table? Then our tips and ideas for bedroom decor for you in handy.

Your bedroom is next to a place for your night's rest, also a place for relaxation. Relax, Watch tv, read a book, pull yourself back, you name it. In short your bedroom is actually a very important place in your House. You want you really feel at home and that is why a good design and beautiful appearance more important than you think!

Below we give you nine tips and ideas to the best of your bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Create a mood Board

On internet you can find plenty of opportunities for bedrooms. There are countless websites and magazines where you can get inspiration from. Make only, or together with your partner a mood Board with what you like. What colors you speak to, to which style is your preference. This way you can create together a picture of how the perfect master bedroom there for you to see from Bowl. Our tips that follow you can of course also be taken when you are about to create a mood Board.

2. A good bed

A good bed is, of course, the base of your night's sleep. Everyone knows that your body recharges during your sleep and day processing is. A nice bed with a good mattress helps here. If you choose a large mattress, two single mattresses with a love bridge or topper? Further, there are also different types of headboards to choose from. You go for black, gray or taupe and then with buttons or without? There are enormous possibilities, But what is best for you? We advise you gladly in our showroom, so you will find your dream bed! And can you really not sleeping? Then you can on our website some bedroom inspiration gaining.

3. Color does well to your mood

Not everyone dares to use color in the Interior of the bedroom. The preference often goes out to white. That is of course fine, White is a quiet, fresh color for brightness will. If you choose for a white bedroom, try the colour RAL 9010. This is just from the pure white and gives your room what more heat.

For a change, however, it is also very nice to use color in your bedroom. You see that there is a lot lately played with dark green, Navy Blue, Yellow ochre or red/pink shades. Would you like to like you walls still stand out more? Choose a wall with wallpaper. Nothing is too crazy, of palm leaves, to flowers. Please notice that the colors with each other stay in balance. If you prefer neutral, go for a nice lime paint. In grey, grey/blue, taupe or white. This way your room an oasis of peace.

4. Pillow

Do you mean now kissing? Also that applies in your bedroom, but here we are talking about your head pillow. For each one very personal choice. There are different materials: down or foam, well stocked or Slacker. Plenty of options, so your favourite is solid at. It is important that you feel good when your own preferences are when buying the right pillow. Watch here when you go shopping.

In addition to pillows to make your bed extra nice and cozy with throw pillows. Large pillows against the headboard and small pillows in the foreground. In various colors and fabrics you give your bed a real luxurious feel. Make your bed beautiful on and it invites to sleeping. Would you like more than just pillows, take a look at a beautiful bedspread.

5. Plants

Plants in the bedroom? Yes, sure do! Beside that they provide good humidity in your bedroom is very very nice. A touch of green makes for a beautiful whole and offer extra oxygen. Healthy and beautiful in a so.

6. Accessories

Accessories in your bedroom Vili the whole on. You can with small details of a whole different atmosphere. Very fun to vary. Decide for yourself in what style you like to see your bedroom and dare to play with materials and colours. Wood, Reed, steel, marble and different substances. In addition, it is also nice to have your own personal touch to your bedroom to give. Hang a number of beautiful posters in lists or use a nice item from vacation. Adding own images provides an extra piece of "you / your "in the bedroom and that may best be seen.

7. Lighting

Inspiration curtains bedroom décor

In addition to natural light in your bedroom is also very pleasant in the dark lighting. Go for a nice hanging lamp from the ceiling. This gives atmosphere and dynamics to the room, but is also functional. In order to create cosiness you can night lights with Dim light places. Of course helps a small candle here and there also very good. You read a lot in bed? Make sure the light of your reading light strong enough. Looking for nice lamps? In our showroom we have a number of stand.

8. Curtains

The desired amount of light that is allowed is very personal. The one loves a dark bedroom, The other would like to have some more light. It's fun to play with various materials and colors to ward off light in your bedroom. For example, you can choose a wide wooden luxaflex, A pull-out curtain or roller blinds. Long curtains make your room sound less hollow and offer atmosphere to the whole. Choose linen curtains in the corners or just solid blackout curtains, Just what you prefer. The use of various layers makes your room playful and atmospheric.

9. Balance

As we indicated earlier, Is balance really key for you the decor of your bedroom. A little crazy doing with color may be absolutely, But be sure to ensure coherence and therefore balance. This way you are resting and overview. Think so on the balance sheet and take it in the total decision you make for your bedroom. Of bed to curtain, of lamp to pillow. But the most important, of course, is that you choose what you like and where you're comfortable with. After all, it's to your master bedroom. Looking for pretty pictures for inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest!

We hope you to have inspired through this blog. Don't be afraid to be a little experimenting with colors and accessories. Are you looking for a new bed? Come join us in the showroom once "test-dying", We will be pleased to help you.

And for the evening readers among us, sleep well!

For those with a cat in the House is probably a familiar situation: you have a beautiful new sofa in the living room, and before you know it put the cat here her claws in. This is something you want to avoid, so you just stay like new furniture. In this blog we will give you tips to make your furniture to protect against the damage that can cause cats.

Before we give you tips to protect your furniture against cats, We want to you that you can't unlearn crab behavior of cats. Cats should be able to scratch, It's part of their natural behavior. By crabs give them their odors to mark out their territory.

Tips to get the crab to adjust behavior

Crab behaviour is not a solution to protect your furniture. What you can do is adjust the crab behavior of your cat. You can do this by means of the following tips.

1. Offer your cat a good alternative to scratch and to lie

Cats like to sit and lie down on a high comfortable place. In many people is the backrest of the bench the highest, most comfortable spot in the House for the cat. With a cat tree that reaches higher than the backrest of the bench, offer your cat a good alternative. Train the cat to use this cat tree, for example, by there sweets to put down.

2. Put the cat tree in the right place

If the cat scratching to the bank instead of to the cat tree, then the pile not in a good place. Often it helps to temporarily cat tree against the bank and this slowly sliding back to a place if the cat uses the cat tree. Praise him with your voice, If he uses the cat tree. We are leaning towards the cat tree in a corner of the room to put, but especially on walking routes leave the cat wants his or her scent.

3. Let notice that crabs to pieces of furniture should not

This can be done by your vote to elevate or by briefly distract him with his own toys. Please note that you are not too violently elevates your voice. This can ensure that the cat even more undesirable behavior gets. We advise you to have a short, but loud noise by hits with your hands. You can also use a plant sprayer to the cat to show that crabs should not.

4. Get plenty of toys

Many cats also crabs because they just "like" it or because they get attention that way. Offer your cat sufficient other toys and give them the option to go outside when the cat itself in bored.

Tips to make your furniture unattractive for your cat

How do I protect my furniture against cats

The other way around, it is also recommended to make your furniture less attractive for the cat to play with. Below are some tips to achieve this.

  • Lay close to the piece of furniture to which the cat scratches down orange zest. Cats have a hate this fragrance.
  • Do your furniture never finished with chlorine. Cats like the smell of chlorine. Chlorine smells cat urine and if you used, "should" over your cat Pee and to redefine its territory against scratching.
  • You can place you pack with, for example, jumps on the couch cat often cling film. This makes for the cat an irritating sound, making it not more interesting to jump on the couch.
  • Cats often soft, long pile fabrics. For example, put a fleece blanket for the cat down to a place where the cat does have may be. Smooth leather sofas to cats to nest than soft fabrics less attractive to banks. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new bank. Thus we have in our shop a number of Leather sofas are perfect for a home with cats.

Let your cat not too long only

Further, our advice to your cat not too long at home only. Then saves the boredom for the cat, What leads to stress and crab behavior. In the holiday season may friends or family on your cat fit, but you can also choose to get your cat to a cats hotel to bring.

Suitable furniture for cat owners

Finally, it is recommended to furniture in home suitable for a home with cats. Solid wooden furniture and furniture made of melanin (Lamulux) can have more and easier updating after damages than veneered furniture. View our Lamulux furniture or teak wood furniture, that can take a beating. You can also treat your furniture preventive against stains that can cause your cat. This can be done with stains sprays and creams, that is easily available in our webshop. For example, the product line of All in House is ideal to protect your furniture.

This blog is in cooperation with Cats hotel Catz created.

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