Cheap furniture in teak, Oak and Lamulux. Low priced chairs, armchairs, box-spring beds and settees.

The garden furniture season has started again. Our showroom is filled with the latest collection of garden furniture!

Also for a collection of complete housing programs’s, dining room chairs, Dining Tables, you can still come to us!

The latest Living trends, against the very lowest price!

Get inspired by Wiegers XL in Asten!

The cheapest with 24 months full CBW guaranteed!

Best rates guaranteed!


Creating shade in the garden, our advice

The first rays of sunshine now shine on the pavement and although we are far from tired of them, it is useful to think about shadow spots. Especially if we re-imagine the warm summer of 2019 mind. In this blog we give you some tips on how to shadow [...]

Create a durable and responsible interior with these tips

Through the media, we are increasingly informed about things like deforestation, forest fires and other natural disasters around the world. Of course we wonder what about furniture. Wooden furniture still fits a sustainable lifestyle? And where does our wood actually come from?? That's where we like to tell you in this blog [...]

4 Tips for a cheap living room

It all costs enough money already; shopping, pay fixed expenses and then your bank drops through! Panic, because now a new bank has to be purchased. Buying new furniture is often an expensive investment, but fortunately there are a number of things you can take into account to make your furniture cheap [...]

Cleaning fabric sofa? Our tips

It is the nightmare of many consumers. You've spent hours looking around to find the perfect couch. All the different samples you have let through your hands and you have literally measured every sofa with the roll size. But when the sofa is finally in the living room with you, suddenly there is a glass of milk [...]

Wiegers XL

For cheap furniture, teakmeubelen, divans, beds, box, tables, chairs, banks, lounge sets, relaxfauteuils, parasols, cushions and accessories are available at the best Wiegers XL. We also have other cheap furniture in stock. Such as for example oak furniture, Lamulux or Happy Cocooning burners. For recliners, sofas, sofas and lounge sets (customization) We are already over 16 years a familiar address. We are also dealer of well-known brands such as hip By Boo and Madison.


    4 star review  First service, good value for money. Satisfied with my furniture

    Menno Verhagen Avatar Menno Verhagen
    5 July 2016

    3 star review  great

    Jeanne Roegies Avatar Jeanne Roegies
    19 July 2014

    5 star review  Top shopping

    Linda Laumann Avatar Linda Laumann
    24 June 2018

    5 star review  Nice shopping and good help. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Ans Swanenberg of Mierlo Avatar ANS Swanenberg Victor
    19 August 2017

    4 star review  Beautiful stuff, good service

    Linda Vlemmix Avatar Linda Vlemmix
    9 November 2017

    5 star review  Large assortment. And perfect service. Very friendly all

    Rian Ploos of Amstel Avatar Rian Ploos van Amstel
    30 May 2017

    positive review  Waw What a service, My son are bank the same week at home, Emergency breaks law, Thanks

    Anja Van Der Meer Burgers Avatar Suresh Varma
    5 July 2019

    5 star review  Nice case top stuff

    Ingrid Mamabeer Jillings Avatar Ingrid Mama Bear Jillings
    18 April 2018

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